10 years younger in 10 days

Hi SKN fam! Today I want to talk to you about the DMK remodeling procedure which has gained itself the name 10 years younger in 10 days. Sign me up! BUT, its more than just an age managment program. This true remodelling of the skin is incredible for open pores, old acne scarring, post inflammatory pigmentation, sun damage and pigmentation. You can get approximatley a 50-70% improvement in the current condition of the skin from the one treatment. YESSSSSS PLEASSSEEEEE!

How does this miracle treatment work?  Using a potent mix of AHAs, BHAs and Vitamin A, this multi layer treatment works to dramatically improve skin tone, texture and significantly reduce the signs of ageing like deep wrinkles, sagging and sun damage. It is also fantastic for new and old pitted scarring. Basically as the names suggests it is remodeling the skin back to its past self. We perform the treatment over 10 days, however your skin continues to repair, rebuild and regenerate for months after the treatment is performed. Your skin will have an extremely dramatic peeling effect which really is the upper layers of your dermis shedding off, revealing new smooth skin. This is such a cool thing to see but sometimes people can get caught up on this and the RP is sooo much more that just peeling. Like i said, the skin is rebuilding from the inside out and the peeling is just the smallest part of what is happening deep within the layers of the skin. The peeling phase phase instigates the second phase of reconstruction and the skin will continue to remodel itself over the next 6 months.

Prepping for a RP (Remodeling procedure)Preparation and a thorough consultation is key when performing an advanced skin treatment like the RP. We always perform a minimum of 2 DMK enzyme treatments prior to commencing the application of peel solution. The DMK Enzyme is the absolute hero in this program, and is a crucial part of pre-and post-care . Your skin will need to be prepped for a minimum of 2 weeks prior with specific home ingredients. Your home care will also play and huge role in you overall results. You will need be on a thorough skin routine, which most of you already are, but you may need to add a few things in. The absolute MUSTS are:

EFAS -internal supplement

Betagel – skin healing and immunity

Vit C – pigment inhibitor

Revitosin- Vitamin A

Contraderm crème – soothing cream

We include most of these in your RP price, so its not too overwhelming!

Vitamin A is a very important part of the prepping stage. This is applied every night for 14 days. The skin may become slightly dry and pigmentation may become darker in colour. This is caused by the skin cells moving quickly to the surface.


Treatment time!!


Day 1. Now the fun can begin. First day of your peel application. We mix the solution which is a yellowy/orange colour and start applying to your skin quickly and promptly. The aim is to continue to push the product into the skin until it can not take any more and starts to create a tackiness on the surface. When the peel is first applied it will feel tingly but as the solutions starts to seep further into the skin layers, you will feel more heat. This is completely normal. By this time you will certainly be needing a fan. (I have only even had one person not need a fan) she was like a superhero!  As I said before, we keep applying until the skin has drank all it can. We sometimes see a frosting of the skin which again is completely normal. We will continue to fan you until you start to feel comfortable. The solution needs to be left on the skin for a minimum of 8 hours, so we always suggest booking your appointment toward the end of the day so you can just go home and sleep in it. The skin will feel tacky and you will have a beautiful yellow tinge. Its ok, we are down a very discreet lane way so no one will know your secret!

Day 2. Day 2 is basically the same as day one, however we may avoid certain areas with our peel solution depending on how the skin has responded to the first layer. You will feel hot, tight and tingly, the same as day one. You will again go home and leave the solution on for 8 hours.

Day 3. Your skin by this point will feel tight, red, dry and uncomfortable. Some people at this stage can still apply makeup, but by the end of the day you will notice some cracking and lifting of the skin around mouth. The skin will generally start to crack and peel from the middle of your face first, as this is where we have more movement through facial expressions, eating and drinking etc. This can feel itchy, but it is really important not to pick or scratch at the skin. Hard, we know, but SO worth it!

Day 4. The skin will have turned dark, this is any underlying pigmentation moving up to the surface of the skin. The peeling effect will have well and truly set in, depending on what you do for work we usually suggest day 4 and 5 land on your days off. However I will be rocking my RP face at work for you all to see.  We also stress that you must not pick or pull at the skin. This can cause trauma and hyper pigmentation to the new fresh skin coming through. If there are large parts of skin ‘flappingoff’ ( yes… this actually happens…. its insanely cool) we recommend using some sterile nail scissors and gently cutting the dead skin off so its nor irritating you. I just imagine all of your horrified looks as you read that…. dont stress, we cover all of this thoroughly in the consultation process.

Day 5. Day 5 day 5 day 5. This for me personally was the worst, but also the best. Day 5 is your first ‘Lift Off treatment’ Which is coming back into the salon for an Enzyme treatment. This helps to start exfoliating and ‘lifting’ away the peeling, dry and dead skin. It was a hard day, as my skin really was PEELING. It felt itchy, dry, rough and just a bit meh. Luckily I had my ‘Lift Off’ which really helps relieve the dry feeling.

After your first Lift Off is performed, you will feel much better and more like a normal human. Your skin wont have completely healed, but you can apply make up comfortably, and go about your daily activities without too many hassles or anyone noticing anything different to your skin. Between days 5 – 10 you continue to follow a strict home prescription routine to ensure the skin is receiving the vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to get optimal rebuilding results.

Day 10. This is your second Lift Off treatment. Another Enzyme in the salon. This is again, a vital part of the rebuilding process. Enzyme therapy really is the hero part of this remodeling procedure. After this Lift Off, you will continue to use your home care. This may alter slightly now we have concluded our Re modelling treatments. However the work and results don’t stop there. The skin will continue to improve and therefore needs that support with its at home nutrients as well as maintenance in salon treatments. We recommend your monthly treatments as maintenance, or, fortnightly if there is still a bit of work to do. As we mentioned, you will get a 50- 70% improvement in the condition from your RP treatment in just 10 days. WOWZERS!!! Maintenance is important as we can come in and fine tune certain areas that are still a concern. Some people may under go another RP at some point throughout their skin journey.

That’s it guys…. you excited!!???? paramedical Skin Revision at its absolute prime! We cannot wait to see some fantastic results from this treatment both on ourselves and on all of our beautiful clients.

Rach xx