5 Reasons to be Delicious

Hello delicious SKN Hooomans ?

So we are obviously SKN obsessed. BUT, there are actually proper reasons to get a facial. I mean, of course for the relaxation component and because, who doesn’t want to pretend they are a Kardashian and live the high life!? But seriously, we have put together OUR top 5 reasons we think everyone should have a facial.

1 – Professional Skin Analysis. This is VERY important. Buying skincare for both men and women is beyond difficult. With SO many items available, online shopping, bloggers, Instagram and celebrity endorsements. Where the hell do you start? If I wear that eye cream do you promise I will turn into Beyonce?! Often when we go into a supermarket or department store, the people working the skincare section see our skin with makeup on, and are often not trained skin professionals. Now, we are not taking anything away from these sales experts. We love walking through Myer and having them spritz us with the latest Marc Jacobs perfume. #rockstar. However, we do encourage you to seek a professional’s advise ( ours… preferably hehe)  A skin technician will not only look at your skin once it has been cleansed, we also get a chance to touch the skin, feel any roughness, stretch the skin to look at secretions, colour and elasticity. Yes… this is all SUPER important. We like to get handsy! We also have helpful tools such as a Woods Lamp that show us what’s happening below the surface. What we can see with our naked little eyes, are generally only the symptom and not the cause. We need to know what’s happening in order to treat and repair the function of the skin.

2- Professional exfoliation. May sound like a silly one, bare with me. Often clients are exfoliating far too often, or are exfoliating incorrectly and with the wrong product. We naturally start with our cheeks and work our way last to chin, forehead and nose. Most people don’t need heavy exfoliating on their cheeks ( some do but not everyone) So you are scrubbing away at delicious, plump cheeks that don’t really need to be rubbed raw, and aren’t concentrating on problem areas such as the t-zone area and jawline. Professional exfoliating also allows us to exfoliate the skin in the correct way and with the correct ingredients. Not all skins need a physical exfoliant (granular) some need an enzymatic or chemical exfoliation. Leave it to us, we have a toolbox FULL of goodies!

3- Intense Hydration and increased Circulation –  because we all want to look youthful enough to walk the runway with Victoria Secret!! Seriously. Ensuring the skin is hydrated properly is so important. Hydrated skin is healthy skin. We want our skin cells to be fat grapes!!!! YUMMY and bouncy and full of water. (….is summer fruit here yet!?)  If the skin is dehydrated, this is where many of our problems stem from. (great, I mean we live in Australia… who isn’t dehydrated! I’ve been dehydrated since 2010!) That’s why we help you with both in a salon and at home hydration. Facial, neck and shoulder massage also increases the skin’s circulation. This helps move our blood and lymphatic systems creating a healthy glow!

4- Stress release – An obvious one!!! Stress is a big one for problematic skin. and not stress that you may think is normal. Lots of things stress us out, not enough sleep, running late to work, eating the wrong things. All the stress! Having a little time ‘out’ and the touch of your skin professional can absolutely change your day.

5- Professional advice. We don’t just want to sell you a fluffy cream and give you a fluffy facial. We want to help you. We want you to understand your skin, what’s going on both on the surface and underneath. And WHY! The why is so important! This way you can take care of your skin accordingly to look younger, brighter and healthier for years to come. ( woooow….. cliché! BUT SO TRUE!)

I could sit here all day and tell you other reasons to have a facial, the heated beds, the hot towels we pop on your face ( this one is actually such a winner for so many of our clients.. I swear some of our male clients return simply for the hot towels!!) But basically we want you to have skin treatments to feel the best version of you.


SKN xxxx