Our 5 Top SKN tips when on the Go.

Are you a busy human all the time? A busy Mum who doesn’t get 2 minutes alone without kiddies launching themselves on you? Did you over sleep through your 10 alarms and are now rushing to shower let alone do your morning skin regime? Did you par-tay way to hard on Saturday night and really CBF doing that night time regime? Do you travel a lot and can never fit all those skin goodies into your carry on? We have our 5 SKN savior tips when on the go!


1 – Running short of time in the morning, for whatever reason. We have all been there, some days you just need an extra 30 mins in bed and you are slowly running out of time to get your morning coffee. This little trick will give you that pick me up you need for the morning and get you to work on time. You can’t leave the house without doing SOMETHING to your skin! OMG I also cannot survive without my beloved caffeine, and I am about to miss my tram. EEEEEP!!!

Our SKN Tip – Try using a quick micellar cleanse for an instant skin pick me up. We love O Cosmedics Micellar Treatment Gel. 3 quick pumps onto a cotton round and wipe over the face. DONE. You have just pulled out those toxins, impurities and built up oils, and cleansed your skin without water. We all want to look at least semi human when we leave the house! We recommend using a pea size amount of O Cosmedics tinted mineral pro SPF 30 mixed with a pump of O Cosmedics 1Skin foundation. Even though you haven’t applied your delicious serums you love and need, you have still protected your skin and added antioxidants such as Organic Fruit Extract and Desert date oil to protect and hydrate. WALLAH! SPF protection and make up sorted. Now go grab that coffee and arrive on time like the total BOSS babe you are!


2- Home after a huge week at work? Or a few drinks with the girls? The thought of doing your complex evening routine is totally exhausting and you are almost tired enough to sleep in your make up? * we said almost! *

Our SKN Tip- Cleanse off your make up with your beloved cleanser, once all your makeup is off apply 1 pump of O Cosmedics Youth Activating Oil balm. Smother yourself with it!!!! All over your face, eye area, lips and down your neck. DONE! Missing one night of your serums won’t reverse all your hard work. Especially since you have just smothered your face with hydrating vitamins and fatty acids. This extra comfort and nourishment will be a little treat for you and your skin. Now go ahead and Netflix. Your skin is sorted ?


3- Do you travel a lot for work, skin gets dehydrated and tired? Don’t have enough space in your luggage for all your wonderful serums, day cream, SPF, night cream and sprays. Or just prefer to use the space you do have for outfit options!? (we are totally with you!)

Our SKN tip– Pack your cleanser, DMK Herbal mineral mist and your Biogen C with SPF. That’s it!!  Just those 3 products. You have just down sized from your 8 skin care products to 3, still ensuring your skin gets the attention and protection it deserves. Use the same moisturizer morning and night with a few extra sprays of your Herbal Mineral mist for extra hydration and convenience. (Yes, you can use your moisturizer morning and night even though they have SPF)


4- Always feel a bit dry, dehydrated and dull? Your skin regime is on point but you just do not have the time or money for regular treatments?

 Our SKN tip– Incorporate DMK EFA Ultra into your skin regime. Yes, a herbal supplement is absolutely a vital step of our skin regime.  EFA’s (essential fatty acids) Are a major component of the lipid barrier that prevents excess moisture loss in the skin. If you want to know all the juicy ingredients, comment on this blog below and we will send them your way. Add your EFA’s and increase your water intake and you will feel like a hydrated goddess in no time!

Extra tip- if you are struggling to drink enough water as you are always on the go, you simply forget or water bores you? We recommend using @thebigbottleco. They have fantastic BIG bottles that monitor how much water you are drinking, they have a super convenient handle to carry around. They also allow you to easily pop fruit into your water to entice you to drink it. We love combo’s such as:

-cucumber, mint and lime (just pretend it’s a mojito)

– raspberry and orange

-Blueberries and orange (SAH many antioxidants)

-Lime and rosemary

– lemon and cinnamon ( for the sweet tooth in you!)


5- Concerned with dehydration and age management, but simply don’t have the time to do more than a couple of steps in the morning or night. Want to use that eye cream you spent hundreds of dollars on, but just don’t have the time or patience to layer it with your serums and creams?

Our SKN Tip- Try using a serum that you can bring up under the eye area as well. You are using a serum anyway so why not use one that’s going to double as a treatment for your eye area? We love DMK Beta Gel and Direct Delivery Vitamin C as well as O Cosmedics Pure Age Defiance Serum. All 3 of these have hydration, brightening and age management properties and are safe to use full face and up under and around the eye area. Problem solved!!

We hope these tips helped a little. For more little SKN saviour tips, comment below or send us an email skn@janemarshall.com.au.


Jane and Rach xx

Image via @CalebGeorge @unsplash

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