All you need to know about Super Hair Reduction.

Excess hair growth or just hair in general is a common concern for all of us. Myself include. I suffered from terrible in grown hairs and it didn’t matter what I did or tried I could not clear them. Since doing SHR/IPL I have none!! Literally not one in grown! There are so many different methods used for hair removal e.g. shaving, waxing, chemical depilation and plucking. I have done them all. These techniques have been used for years and we will always have a place for them. However, these methods only have a short- term removal.  This is why we love IPL/SHR permanent hair reduction. SHR stands for (super hair Removal) it is the best way to reduce your hair growth and it is affordable. For example, we charge $85 per IPL session for Brazilian and $55 for waxing. Now when doing IPL/SHR we always recommend you do a minimum of 8 sessions. When you buy them in a course of 8 you save 20% which brings the price down to $53.60 per session, cheaper than waxing and for a much better result.



SHR is AMAZING for those large areas that in the past have taken such a long time to do with the old stamping method. SHR fires multiple shots with lower joules, (joules are the energy/heat used to destroy the hair follicle) we call this bulk heating. This way we are gently heating the hair follicle and treating a larger area much faster and safer. We use a continuous sweeping motion, back and forth along the area being treated. Each section takes around 10 seconds to bulk heat (quick right!!)  You will feel a warm tingling sensation that is very comfortable and almost feels like a warm massage. However, we do still use the IPL stamping method for some smaller areas.


E-Light IPL

Have you ever been told you can’t have IPL because your hairs are to light! Well you won’t have that problem anymore! We have our E-light coming to your rescue. We can treat Red, light brown and blonde hair. E-Light does this by using RF energy. The energy is transmitted and oscillates to and from a positive and negative pole below the epidermis (Skin) while it does this it also delivers a pulse of IPL (Intense Pulsed light). You will generally need more treatments, but we have still seen some fantastic results.


Depending on the area being treated SHR/E-light/IPL, we always recommend that our clients have 6-10 treatments at four to 6 week intervals. This will ensure that we are able to target the hair at the right time during the natural re-growth cycle. This is so important and that is why is takes multiple sessions, we must catch the hair at the right time! As the hair reduces we can push our treatments further apart. But it is also very important for you to remember that we can never promise permanent full clearance. Unfortunately, some salons do but they cannot promise you this. The body is a machine that is always regenerating its self. dormant hairs can always sprout at any time especially when we are dealing with hormonal issues. I but on an average around 75 to 85 % clearance can be achieved and trust me from experience you will never look back.


Before during and after your treatment.

Before your Session we always require you to do a full consult 24hrs before your treatment this way we can ensure we treat you safely. We do a test patch and talk you through the process. Before you come and see us for your session we ask you to thoroughly shave the area. Now when I say shave I mean you must not be able to feel the hair coming out of the follicle. The better you shave the better your result. ( some weird and unflattering positions  may be needed) The light is looking for pigment and if we have hair on top the light isn’t going to be able to find the target which is the bulb at the base of the hair. During your treatment we will take such good care of you! We will have you laying on a comfy bed and we love a chat so if you feel nervous we will take your mind off it! Although you have nothing to be nervous about. You will feel some heat and tingling, and it will be over before you know it! After your treatment you will notice some mild warmth and erythema in the hair follicle kind of like you would with waxing. This goes down within 24hrs and is all a part of the process. As your hair starts to grow back you may notice some will fallout of the follicle, you can shave as many time as you like before you next treatment but you can’t wax or pluck the area because remember we need that bulb of the hair for the IPL to target and heat.


I hope that helps you understand what SHR/IPL and the process is all about. Its is an amazing piece of machinery that has given us some incredible results. And lots of happy customers. Now let’s get you all silky smooth!! We have some fantastic specials for you where you can save money and get free stuff! WINNING. For all the details on our specials leave a comment below or give us a buzz. Your consultation and patch test is free!


Chat soon SKN babes. ? xx

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