In salon treatments have had to be postponed, rescheduled, and adapted to suit lockdown life, so our at-home routines need to be on-point to keep our skin goals on track! Here’s the low down on what to do to keep your skin looking fab! (With all these products, be sure to follow the instructions from your skin therapist as they will tailor the product to your specific skin goals, but here’s an overview)

See anything that is missing from your routine? Ask your therapist how to include it ASAP!

First, let’s start with the basics! 

We believe in a holistic approach to achieving healthy, happy skin! We all know that drinking plenty of water, eating a balanced diet, moving our bodies in whatever way brings us joy and getting enough quality sleep are the pillars of good health and skin.

While this can be a challenge during lockdown- taking care of ourselves is so important and we encourage all of our clients to prioritise this as much as they can.


These are often neglected, but are ESSENTIAL!

SPF should be worn everyday, even when you are inside or the weather is bad. We recommend Mineral Pro Tinted/Untinted SPF for everyday wear. It’s the perfect lightweight, non greasy physical SPF that won’t clog your pores and smells delightful!

EFAs and Relax: these supplements support healthy skin from the inside out. See our blog post on EFA’s to learn more.

Relax is designed to calm and regulate the bodies parasympathetic nervous system, which helps to lower cortisol levels and reduce stressors in the body, that cause all kinds of skin havoc! Take at least 2 of your relax & EFA tablets each day and your body will thank you!  

Your cells have a lifecycle; they move from the very deepest layer of your skin up to the surface ideally every 30 days, which is why clients come in monthly for their enzyme treatments. Acne skins have a fast cell turnover, and ageing/dry skins have a slower turnover rate. This means all skin types can get a build up of dead cell material, leaving your skin looking dull, textured and aged! Helloooo… Micro-peel! 

Micropeel: is a blend of AHA’s designed to act as little pac-men on the skin, munching away at dead cell material to leave you with fresh, glowy skin. It will tingle- completely normal! 

To use: At night- cleanse, then apply a thin layer to your skin and leave for 1-10 mins, then rinse. For your first treatment, leave it for 1-2 mins and then increase from there.

Do this at least 1x week, acne skins can do it 2x week. 

After exfoliating, its the perfect time to follow with a mask! 

Acu masque: is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, perfect for calming any breakouts and purifying skins, which are plugged by dead cells and sebum. Acumasque is also amazing for treating perioral dermatitis and other inflammatory skin conditions. You can also use acu masque as a spot treatment. 
To use: Once you have rinsed micropeel off, apply a layer of acu masque and leave for 20 mins. After 20 mins, rinse and apply hydrating masque OR your normal night time products. 

Hydrating masque: can tingle on the skin as it is designed to fill the skin with water and repair skin barrier function. When our barrier is impaired, some products can stimulate a tingling response. Keeping water in your skin is super important, so this masque is the perfect weekly treat!  

To use: apply a generous layer to your skin after using micropeel and then sleep in it! You can also put your Melanotech or pore reduction drops underneath if you are treating pigment or scarring, and spray herb & mineral mist over the top of the masque for supreme hydration!  

Foamy Lift & Exoderma: this is your at-home enzyme! Combining the exfoliation powers of exoderma with the brightening and tightening ability of foamy lift, this at home treatment activates micro circulation to keep the skin functioning between treatments, as well as increasing skin hydration.

To use: Mix 2 tsps of foamy lift with 2 tsps of exoderma peel using the DMK fan brush and bowl. Apply in upward strokes, following your diagram. Leave for 30-40 minutes, whilst keeping your head elevated. Cleanse off.

Hot Tip: for easiest removal do your home enzyme on hair washing night and jump straight in the shower! Finish with your home care regime.

Treatment Cremes:

 These powerful treatment cremes are designed to support your skin at home; supercharging your skin care routine and fast tracking your skin goals. Everyone should have at least 1 of these treatment cremes in their routine, but usually a combination works best for skin revision!

Super bright: works to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and brightens the skin. Its a natural alternative to bleaching products without the possible harmful toxic side effects.

To use: Apply a generous amount to your skin, as you would a moisturiser and massage it in well. Apply a 2nd layer to any areas of concern or stubborn pigment.

Revitosin/Revise A: these are your vitamin A cremes designed to strengthen the skin and regulate cellular turnover.

To use: Apply a generous amount to your skin, as you would a moisturiser and massage it in well.

Red Vein Creme assists in the revision of broken capillaries, whilst reducing the appearance of redness, acne, bruising and vascular scarring.

To use: Apply 2 pumps to your skin, as you would a moisturiser and massage it in well. Red vein can also be sprayed in with herb & mineral mist, but your therapist will advise how to use appropriately.

Your skin is an investment, so having the best skin care routine you can is a MUST!

Use your skin care routine to take some time for yourself- not only is it magic for your skin, but your mental & physical well-being too!