Age Buster

Age Busters.
Let’s talk about Age Management and how important it is in skincare.
As we age, Fibroblast production slows down a few percent every year. By the age of 20, our skin already starts to age. Crazy right!!

Fibroblasts are cells that act as little factories within our skin to produce Collagen. Collagen and Elastin start to break down in our early 20’s (RUDE!) leading to wrinkles on the skin. Vitamin C Serum is a highly important tool in any Age Management Program. With strong anti-ageing and antioxidant properties that help aid in the growth of collagen, which stimulates the cells and also the blood vessels giving the skin its firmness and strength. It’s a hydrating formula that holds vital moisture. This serum contains Amino acids Lysine, Proline and Glycine, which are the building blocks in our skin with collagen production. Vitamin C keeps these Amino Acids active, working on the collagen production making sure it’s at a high level. MUST HAVE in any skin that’s showing signs of premature ageing.

How to use: Of coarse, we recommend our DMK Direct Delivery Vitamin C as its a highly potent and stable form of Vitamin C.
Morning and night, apply just a pea sized amount, this can be use with Beta Gel on cleansed skin.So, Why do we love this Vitamin C, and prescribe it as a ‘must have; in our Age Management Prescriptions?

It contains 3 active forms of Vitamin C:

Ascorbic Acid: free radical scavenger, anti-inflammatory calms, heals and regenerates skin
Sodium Ascorbate: Builds connective tissue in the skin
Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate: Strengthens and repairs the skin inhibits melanin

You want you to use this serum up between 3-4 months as it’s the most active.

Kayla xx