Dermapen, skin needling, micro needling or CIT. Whatever you call it, I want to talk about the if’s, the hows, the why’s and the home come?  All of the above are simply different terms for Micro-needling of the skin. Now before you all start thinking of that well-known YouTube video of the ‘vampire’ facial, take a deep breath and relax. This isn’t Keeping up With the Kardashians. That is quite a false representation of what happens during and after the treatment. Skin needling is not scary. I repeat, it is not scary. You don’t even see a needle when you are having this done. Ok… it doesn’t tickle, but this treatment is very tolerable, and the results are worth every single pinprick. Let’s hash it out so you know what the deal is ?

What is Dermapen?

Lets me try to explain this without or the mumbo jumbo. Dermapen is micro needling of the skin (also known as skin needling) that creates a monitored trauma. Your skin uses its own natural wound healing response, by launching into the repair process. This results in your skin increasing the production of its normal woven collagen. The skin relies on its own growth factors to start mending the ‘trauma’. So instead of us using chemical peels to resurface, buff back, treat pigmentation etc. Your skin starts to address these problems by using its own natural function. COOL huh!?

What skin concerns can be treated with Dermapen?

What can’t?! One of the main benefits of microneedling is that we can treat every single skin concern with this treatment. Acne, Age management, Scar revision, pigmentation, enlarged pores, stretch marks, dull skin and cellulite. The possibilities are endless!  Depending on what skin concern we are treating depends on the endpoint your technician will work towards. What this means is, how deep will they work on the skin. If we want to use dermapen for acne or pigmentation, we are working for an inflammation response in the skin. This means we treat at quite a shallow point. With acne, we want to create oxygen in the skin. P acnes bacteria cannot live with oxygen. When using dermapen for pigmentation, we are also wanting to work with inflammation and knock those melanocytes down. Breaking up your pigmentation so our bodies lymph can work towards clearing it. However, if we are treating scarring, age prevention or deep set wrinkles, we are needing to work to an end point of blood. Again, this is not Keeping up with the Kardashians, so no, you will not have blood pouring down your face. You yourself will not even see the blood. Your therapist will work to an endpoint of pin point bleeding. (minimal bleeding) This means we have stimulated our collagen, elastin and natural hyaluronic acid. These then start rebuilding and weaving those new fibres.

What does the treatment feel like? Does it hurt?

Everyone’s experience is different. As we are treating different skin concerns, we are also treating at different depths as we discussed above. Due to the Dermapen using oscillating technology, the discomfort is minimal, and so micro needling without numbing cream is completely doable. Some bony areas such as the forehead, nose and around the eye area, can generally be a little bit more uncomfortable. The process of having the needle itself on the skin is approximately 10-20 minutes. So, the time you will be a bit uncomfortable is very manageable.

Do you numb the skin first?

No, we don’t. Lots of skin clinics will, and that’s ok. We perform dermapen without numbing cream for a few reasons. Health regulation prevents us from topically applying your numbing cream in the salon. Clients do ask if they can apply numbing cream for skin needling themselves before they arrive, but we ask them not to. The numbing cream slows down the skin’s response, which means we are seeing a delayed wound response. This could mean we are under or over treating the skin and working to an incorrect endpoint. This will affect the results we can achieve, and so we ask that clients don’t apply numbing cream for microneedling and other dermapen treatments.

How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on the health of your skin, the concern we are treating and the homecare you are using. We generally say 4-6 treatments will start to produce a great result. We take photos right throughout this process, so we can monitor all results.

Is there any downtime?

In a nutshell, no. Your skin will be a bit red when you leave the salon. However, we have safe treatment foundations we can apply, so you can pop back to the office without anyone knowing. You will feel a bit sunburnt and tight for a few days and we recommend no excessive exercise, steam rooms or saunas 48 hours after your treatment. This is more for your comfort than anything else. The skin can feel a bit hot and tight. You may experience some slight shedding a few days later, but again, everyone’s experience is different. Your therapist can run you through this in more detail with your complimentary consultation prior to your treatment.

The technical stuff – Dermapen is the number 1 leading brand in the world for micro needling. Which is why we use this device in our treatments. This device uses multiple needles to vertically pierce the skin with Advanced Oscillating technology. (this means it needles straight up and down without tearing the skin on an angle, like some rolling or stamping methods can do) We glide the device over the skin creating millions of fine little channels. These channels carry up to 80% more topical nutrients into the skin, which is why we use a meso glide of both Hyaluronic acid and a serum chosen for your treatment plan. Dermapen skin needling causes less damage, reducing levels of pain and discomfort. It is safe and very effective. Each cartridge is sterile and is a single use (we think this is obvious, but we do get asked sometimes!) Each cartridge clicks into the device and has adjustable depths, which we control. The adjustable depths mean we can treat all the above skin concerns we spoke about a bit earlier and tailor every treatment to each skin’s specific requirements. We can use this device over even the most delicate areas, lips ( for plumping) neck, nose and the eyes ( yes even over the lid for a lift!! WOW!)

Dermapen is such an incredible device that we feel very lucky to have in our clinic, and we love being able to provide top quality microneedling without numbing cream services in Melbourne. It opens huge doors for us as therapists, allowing us to not only treat so many different concerns but to layer modalities and create treatment plans that give results that really do change lives. We can use LED (refer to our blog ‘The Power of Light’) as well as DMK enzyme therapy and O Cosmedic Pro dermal peels all within our Dermapen needling treatments. YASSSSSSSS!

We recommend completing the bulk of your Dermapen treatments in the cooler months. As there is less temptation to be out in the sun and it’s a bit more comfortable when it’s not excessively hot. Dermapen is simply the Bomb. It completely changed my skin. I had the most severe acne and scarring. It was awful, 12 treatments of Dermapen and my life literally changed. If you have any other concerns or questions about Dermapen, our Melbourne therapists are available to help put you at ease, so please feel free to call us on (03) 9039 5755.

Jane xx

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