Everything you need to know about Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful skin rebuilding tools! It’s a water soluble antioxidant and an essential component of healthy skin. Vitamin C levels are abundant when we are young, but as we age, these levels naturally deplete. External factors, especially sun exposure and UV damage accelerate this depletion, causing our skin to look dull, uneven and aged.

Let’s get to the science! How does it work?

  • Vitamin C is like the CEO of the company- telling everyone to work harder and faster, especially the fibroblast cell. This is the “factory” responsible for producing collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans (GAGS). These are found in the deepest layer of your skin, and keep you looking plump and youthful. Think of your skin like a spring mattress- the springs of the mattress are like your collagen and elastin- giving your skin its structure. GAGs are like the cushioning substance in between the springs, making sure the springs don’t collapse. As we age, collagen production naturally depletes, our internal factory processes slow down and external factors accelerate the breakdown, this means our mattress begins to sag and collapse, and we start to notice the signs of ageing. Now, unlike a sagging mattress, we can’t just buy new skin… but we can get Vitamin C!
  • Vitamin C keeps the amino acids that produce collagen working- basically our “mattress” stays firm and bouncy!
  • But that’s not all- Vitamin C improves skin tone, texture and is important when treating acne, pigmentation, age spots and scarring on every skin type and colour! The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C also helps to fight free radicals and the damage caused by UV so it gives you twice the protection when you use it before your daily SPF!

When should I start using Vitamin C?

  • Start early! Our skin’s processes start to slow at around the age of 25, and as the saying goes- prevention is better than cure!

Now I know you’re wondering if there is anything Vitamin C can’t do, but before you add it into your routine (because you definitely should!!!) here’s a few things you should know:

  • Vitamin C has many forms, but the most potent form of Vitamin C will appear as Ascorbic acid in an ingredients list. This form of Vitamin C is highly unstable, so it must be stabilised with at least 3 other forms of vitamin C, so when you’re looking for a Vitamin C to add into your routine- check the ingredients list!
  • Stabilised Vitamin C should be clear, or slightly yellow in colour- if your Vitamin C is orange, purple or any other colour- while pretty! It’s rancid and definitely not worth spending your money on.
  • It’s also not scientifically possible for an active serum to contain more than 5% of Vitamin C in any combination, so “stronger, isn’t better!” Focus on quality and making sure it’s stabilised!
  • Sunlight destroys Vitamin C, so it should come in glass, opaque packaging. Then make sure you keep it away from sunlight!
  • Your vitamin C serum must be used within 12 weeks of opening the bottle!
  • Vitamin C needs a delivery system- this means it is absorbed by the skin where it needs it. Otherwise, it will only work superficially and has no affect on a cellular level, meaning you miss out on all the amazing cellular benefits
  • Collagen LOVES water- so look for a water based Vitamin C formulation
  • Vitamin C is not irritating or exfoliating- that’s not it’s function, so if you’re Vitamin C is making you peel- it might be time to investigate

Is there a Vitamin C that ticks all those boxes?! You bet there is! DMK Direct Delivery Vitamin C- every skin needs it! Stay tuned for an IGTV that shows you how to use your Vitamin C and some powerhouse product combinations to try!