Most of you know what it is and how to use it, sure, seems easy enough, scrub your face so its ‘exfoliated’ Right?? I mean… No…not really.

When it comes to exfoliating your skin there are So many do’s and dont’s  and right and wrong products to use.  So let’s try to simplify it a bit today.

When we exfoliate,  we are removing the top, outer most layer of dead cell material. In a normal healthy skin, this shouldn’t need to be performed more often than 1 x  weekly. Our skin has a cycle where it ‘sloths off’ naturally itself. So its important to know we dont want to remove it too quickly or too often. That layer, although the cells are dead, are SUPER important. They help to keep the good shit in and the bad shit out. What I mean Is, when they are exfoliated off too quickly   a message gets sent down to alert the skin that its protective layer is gone. More cells are then produced and rush to the surface quite quickly. This can create a dry, rough and built up sensation. By removing these cells too quickly, also exposes your skin to TEWL. Transepidermal water loss. Which is more commonly known as dehydration. Rapid removal of that protective layer also allows bacteria and free radicals to penetrate the cells more easily. So in short….. we NEED to have that barrier. 

I like to explain it to clients like our ozone layer. It’s so important in protecting our cells and keeping things underneath nice and healthy. The most important being the hydration levels of our cells. For more information  on hydration visit our blog 
So. A few tips.

Only exfoliate 1 x weekly, unless instructed by a skin Specialist. Dont use harsh chemicals or scrubs. THROW AWAY that St Ives apricot scrub….. theres no place for it here. A granular exfoliant is not always necessary. In fact, I personally haven’t used a granular exfoliation in years!!! There are many more beneficial ways to exfoliate your skin safely and with added benefits of hydration and brightening. 
We love Micro Peel from DMK. It’s a gentle AHA blend. No harsh granules. It will gently munch away at dead cell material, whilst drawing water up into the surface of the skin to plump out fine lines and wrinkles, and brighten the skin. 

We also love DMK Revitosin Vitamin A exfoliating lotion. VITAMIN A is a cell regulator and works by making your cells act like a young, healthy cells. Applying it 3 times per week allows it to gently exfoliate whilst regenerating the skin and assisting in the increase of collagen production.
So…. please dont scrub your face with sand or coffee, or something you found in your kids backpack. We have beautiful solutions to help you gently exfoliate your skin whilst glowing from within. 

Jane xx