For all the eye cream non believers rolling their severely dehydrated, crepe paper-esque peepers thinking here we go again with the bullshit wank about how an eye cream is going to have me looking snatched AF and 20 years younger (but still continue to use one anyway), NORMALLY yes I would be 100% there with you. But lets get real! That very well marketed $20 bottle of youth you got 1/2 price at your fave COSMETIC store is essentially just that… a cosmetic! It doesn’t have the quality of ingredients nor does it have the science behind it to ACTUALLY make a change in the skin. Now… I’m not saying you need to rush out and spend thousands of hard earned dosh on 1 eye cream (just calm your tits for a sec), but you do need to invest in a QUALITY product.. And DMKs Eye Web is exactly that!

Originally created and accessible ONLY for those fancy biatches in Hollywood, who wanted a product that was not only aesthetically pleasing in their bathrooms but also a high end product with top notch ingredients that would eliminate the need for going under the knife. Meanwhile us pheasants this side of the Pacific, only had access to DMKs Fine Line and Eyetone (KIDDING! These two products are actually the shizzz!!), but times change and we too can now exude luxury with Eye Web becoming a staple item in the DMK range accessible for all.

Eye Web acts like an invisible web that tightens up sagging tissue, plumps up fine lines and dramatically hydrates the eye area having a topical filler like effect on the skin. Its ingredients strengthen, brighten and protect the delicate tissue around the eye – which as we know is one of the first areas to show signs of ageing…. UMMM NO THANK YOU!!

Using once a day, each application of Eye Web will give your skin the goodness it needs for a full 24hr period without flaking off and irritating unlike some of its other would be competitors, but to be quite frank… this is in a league of its own!

After cleansing your skin before applying any other product, use 1 pump around both eyes and gently smooth over with either the applicator or use the tips of your ring fingers to gently pat into the skin. Leave for 1 minute then go in with your normal skincare routine.

I’ve said it…. hmmmm…. a couple of times before and I’ll say it a million times more before I’m 6 feet under….. SPF! SPF! SPF! Your first line of defence for premature ageing ESPECIALLY the eye area!!

Tiarnie x