FYI when your SKN is Mile High

So many of our gorg clients are currently soaking up the rays in a warmer climate, or about to jump on a big jet plane, and head overseas,  STATT!! The lucky sods! So, whilst I’m over here, jealous as all hell. I start thinking about how I can help you take care of your skin on those loooong flights. Which, are no doubt, to beautiful sunny Europe. Has anyone got a suitcase big enough for little old me!?

Now, we all know how a long flight sucks the life out of our skin. I mean, you walk on as a 30 year old babe, and walk off like the future 75 year old version of yourself. So, with that in mind, here are a few tips to help keep your skin feeling fresh before you plant that currently pasty but soon to be tanned limb onto the tarmac.

Cleanse, exfoliate, mask, another mask, serum, oil, cream SPF. WHO the F has time for that!!!! I mean, my movie and snacks await!!! Plus, no room in my overhead luggage for that. I like to keep my luggage space for all the soury, sugary treats. (just saying)

Let’s keep it simple. A lot of the work should really be done before the flight. I know, add it to that long list you already have. But seriously, 10 minutes the day, night or right before your flight will do wonders. Apply a hydrating mask to a cleansed face. You get OOOODLES of bonus points if you exfoliate first. We love DMK’s Hydrating Masque. Hydrating the skin BEFORE you fly will prevent the dry, recycled cabin air from sucking the life out of your face!

Before you board, ensure you use a liberal amount of your hydrators. Serum, oil and an extra nourishing moisturiser. Our faves are DMK Beta Gel, Seba E with Herb and Mineral Mist ( you can also spritz this through the flight!) and Hydroloc. You might feel a bit heavy as you board, but boy oh boy are you going to thank your lucky stars, and your eyeballs for reading this, when you get off that jet plane and your skin isn’t the human version of a sultana!!!

Now there’s heaps more you can do, like doing a mid flight mini facial, wearing a sheet mask through your flight and drinking copious amounts of water. And girl (and guy!!) if you do this, you go right to the front of the line and order yourself a glass of bubbly. That my friend is commitment and your skin will be forever in your debt. But if you are a regular meer mortal, struggling with being in a confined space and struggling to choose between re runs of friends or the new Mission Impossible movie, hydrating your skin PRE flight is a good bloomin start.

Now, scuse me, a cold Melbourne day, full of coffee, scarves and possibly 25 whether changes awaits.

Over and out.


Jane xx

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