IT’S THE MOTHER OF ALL FACIALS . The Game Of Thrones Facial rejuvenates dying and poorly functioning skin cells and prolongs their life for long lasting results. DMK is the first and only skincare company in the world to utilise the benefits of transfer messenger enzymes, which work to regulate the health of the cells and triggers a process called reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis turns cell debris, toxins, oxidised waste and free radicals into a weak acid and clears them away. In doing so the masque works to draw oxygen and nutrients to the skin, enhancing cell metabolism, immune functions, and collagen production. Completely unlike any other facial, DMK’s GOT facial uses state-of-the-art botanical science to work with the skin at a cellular level rather than just on the surface of the skin. SAHHHHHH cool.

If you are both a Game Of Thrones and DMK fan you know exactly what we are talking about, if not you would definitely be feeling a little lost….. at SKN we are probably the only 3 girls in Melbourne who do NOT watch Game of Thrones ( sorry guys… we just never got amongst it!) BUT For those who do not watch Game Of Thrones (GOT), White Walkers are grotesque humanoid creatures with pale skin pulled taunt over their bones and glowing ice blue eyes that send shivers up your spine. Bigger and stronger than humans these winter beings also possess ice and cold magic, making them a formidable and almost unbeatable opponents. SPOILER ALERT all our favourite GOT characters are about to go to war with them! Now compare this scary image of a White Walker with a person wearing a DMK Enzyme Therapy Masque… AAAHHH! Alarmingly similar right! If you haven’t seen what a DMK masque looks like… firstly where the hell have you been sister!? UNDER A ROCK!? LOL. No seriously, just check out some of our images or visit our facebook or Instagram pages 😊  This is why it has been coined the Game Of Thrones Facial by Entertainment Tonight, The Urban List and avid fans around the world. Except this masque won’t make you taller, inhumanly strong or give you special powers, though it could be said to have a magic of its own…. Flawless skin, yeowwww.

IF YOU THINK THIS HAS A HAPPY ENDING… IT DOES! Which I don’t think Game of thrones does!? I am not sure, as again, haven’t seen an episode, but I remember clients being outraged at some point towards the end of a series!? Please enlighten me at your next appointment will you!

When you hear Game Of Thrones Facial, you know this is not your everyday skin treatment. It is definitely not the European style facial with scented crèmes and a nice massage. No, this treatment is the ultimate skin workout! As the masque hardens and tightens it jump starts the reverse osmosis process and the skin begins to pulse and you can feel a flushing sensation. This is the lymphatic drainage system moving the toxins and debris out of the capillaries, which are dilating to allow for increased blood flow and oxygenation. Once the masque is removed after forty-five minutes the dilated capillaries become visible underneath the skin like a red road map, known as the Plasmatic Effect. This looks like there is fire in your veins but just like the fake blood and burns in GOT, it does not actually hurt and they will fade after ten to fifteen minutes. Comparing the strength of your Plasmatic Effect after each treatment is a great way to track the improvement of your skin’s heath. We also enjoy taking pictures of this hehe. It’s like how you would weigh and measure yourself during a fitness program. If you didn’t already think DMK’s GOT Facial was unique then the sight of the Plasmatic Effect branching across your skin will convince you. DMK’s GOT Facial is the only skin treatment in the world that will create the Plasmatic Effect.

Experiencing your first time Game Of Thrones Facial will be like nothing you have felt before, but it is for this exact reason people become hooked! A workout for the skin, you can sense real changes happening within as the GOT Facial hardens and there is no better feeling than that of your skin function enhancing. With a focus on what you do not like on the skin’s surface, the GOT Facial targets the core of the problem to improve and rebalance the dysfunctions that are the origin of the condition. Only the DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatments can create the ‘homeostasis’ (balanced extracellular fluids) that is necessary for long lasting, healthy functioning skin that looks younger. Soooooooo where do I sign up!?

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