No, we aren’t talking the green DMK Enzyme mask that gets applied in salon. Although its FABULOUS. 
Today, the Green  we are talking about is environmental.  Being conscious of our carbon footprint is always at the forefront of our minds at SKN. Both personally and professionally we think about ways to NOT contribute to the growing piles of landfill in our beautiful country. Always recycling and where possible sourcing reusable items, in a safe and sanitary way. 

However COVID has made this even more challenging with the urge for everything to be single use. Covid hey, the fist that keeps on giving. And we are 100000% COVID safe at SKN and understand the Need for single use items in this current climate and pandemic.
BUT  we wanted to find away to offset things a little bit, what can we SAFELY re use and recycle that wont be affecting the health and safety of our team, or clients.
Mason&Sebastian. The candle range that we proudly stock. Yes, it’s all ethically sourced, Melbourne made and owned. But we also recycle all of the jars, sending them back to Czarlyn for refills. We encourage all of our clients who purchase our luxe soy candles, to return then to us at SKN, so can uphold the same process. Otherwise, we cry at the thought of these going into your recycling bin.

We have a beautiful DMK product that is in a small spray bottle. We recycle these in salon, but this time, we are going one better. One of our clients is a school teacher, and is doing a project with her students that requires painting / spray bottles. Yep, that’s right, SKN came to the party. We have been collecting all of our Spray Bottles, and have put a call out to our clients, to bring their used bottles back to us. We already have a growing collection, that we look forwward to passing onto the school kids.

Just a few ways we are doing our part at SKN.

SKN xx