Winter is coming.

And we’re not talking a Game of Thrones binge on the couch, although that sounds like the perfect hibernation over those dreaded Melbourne winter months! We all stay in a little more in winter. Hello snuggles, Netflix and comfort food?. We add extra layers of clothing and sometimes a few extra layers around the middle. OOOPSIE! With the change in weather and mood, comes a change in our skin so we have some FAB tips for you to help keep your skin on track through these cooler months.

Recently we’ve had a lot of our clients tell us how dry or tight their skin is feeling. We want you to remember that our skin needs extra nourishment, just like our bodies. We don’t wear the same wardrobe in summer and winter, do we? No way! We’d freeze our little bottoms off! It’s the same with our skin, it also needs extra love and protection. Try the tips below to keep you on track until that delightful sun graces us with its presence.

Increase your EFA’s:

If you want some information on all the reasons we need EFA’s in our skin routine, please refer to our blog post ‘EFA Love’. Most of us, including myself and Rach, are taking 2-3 EFA’s per day. In winter we suggest upping that to 4. Yes, 4 per day. That extra supplement will add extra nourishment to the cell on an internal level. Remember what happens on the inside, produces what we see on the outside!

Snuggie thy face

And I don’t mean add a second layer of your delicious moisturiser. We love putting a big outer layer on our skin to protect it. You know what I mean, under the heater all day, feeling a bit dry and almost wind burnt? We like giving our skin a big woolie jumper. Try O Cosmedics Youth Oil Activating Balm. It has all of your topical EFA’s. Giving the skin those extra fats and oils to protect it and lock in the moisture of your serums and hydrators.


If you already do this a big tick for you. If not, let’s do it! We love the O Cosmedics 3 in 1 Fruit Peel Mask. It has fruit enzymes that gently munch away any of that dry dead skin build up. We then gently buff it away leaving the skin so soft and hydrated. We find this is a FAB exfoliation and mask for the winter months. I like to use mine two times a week in winter to give me that gorgeous glow!

Have a treatment:

We know many of you are and are committed (and secretly in love with) your monthly skin treatment. If you’re feeling your skin needs that bit of extra TLC, try bringing your treatments forward to every 2-3 weeks instead of your usual 4-5 weeks. You can always step it back when you’re feeling your skin is back on track. Or you can do what we do and become part of the furniture and have to get asked politely to leave! Hehe!

H20 on the GO!

We know, we always say drink more water. And if one more skin therapist tells you this, you are going to have a fit. When it gets cooler, we always take in less water. It’s just what we do as humans. Try having that BIG bottle on you, at your desk, in your handbag or wherever it may be. And make that commitment to drink the entire thing every single day. Be a slave to that H2O. Make it more enticing by adding fresh fruit to your water. We love watermelon, lime and mint or just some simple lemon. Water water water! It will help keep that skin alive in those bitterly cold months.

If you want some more information, or to book in to get your skin journey on track for winter. You know where to find us ?

Jane and Rach xx

Images via unsplash.

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