Hydra Louffa

Winter is not a Skin’s best friend. ESPECIALLY an ISO winter. The heaters flat out, your water intake is shot, and trackies have become a permanent fixture of the body. Combine that with your 24 hour hydration, moisture restoring, nourishing and radiant skin body wash ( cough… whatever your body wash is, is probably doing the complete opposite) add in a shitty moisturizer with no merit ( unless you are using DMK Maximum Moisture) and you’re left resembling that old dried up sultana you found between the couch cushions.

I introduce, HYDRA LOUFFA! A gentle non granular, gel body wash, designed to cleanse the skin, remove the build up of dead cell material , without causing any trauma to the skin, or stripping it of goodness. Particularly amazing for us reactive, Eczema/ Dermatitis suffers as Hydra Louffa soothes irritated skin, and wont exasperate our already overly dry, scaly features! I stand with you SKN fam!

You fake tanners out there, resembling a loaf of Tiger Bread.. LISTEN UP! Daily use of this bad boy will help your tan come off more evenly without the need to viciously scrub your skin to within an inch of its life on tan night… You’re Welcome!

Beautiful ingredients within this Range are:

Birch Bark Extract – Loosens and and desquamates dead cell material , paving the way for our moisturizer to penetrate deeper

Chammomile- Anti Inflammatory which calms and soothes irritated skin

Nettle Extract – Reduces Excess Oiliness and dead cell build up – BACNE suffers take note!

Kelp – A rich source of minerals and potassium that help prevent infection and make folliculitis a thing of the past.

How to use: Apply directly to the skin in the shower daily, OR for those of you that pamper yourself to a bath ( make sure you put your home Enzyme on if you are taking the time out for yourself, remember to treat all of the SKN you have!) place 1 tablespoon of Hydra Louffa to the bath along with 8 drops of Herbal Pigment Oil for a beautiful bubble bath alternative.

Use in conjunction with Maximum Moisture and EFA supplements for some seriously hydrated skin. More info on those products below.

Tiarnie xx