With the weather starting to change and the cooler months arriving we have noticed lots of our clients requesting hydration… hydration… HYDRATION!

First, what is true hydration?
Water helps our bodies to function and carry out so many important processes, and this is especially true for healthy skin function, BUT, we cannot hydrate our skin by simply drinking more water. Our skin only gets about 13% of the water we consume! That’s where EFA’s come in… so what are they and how do they work?

Essential Fatty Acids aren’t produced by our bodies, so we need to source them externally- usually from our diet; but that’s A LOT of avocado and salmon to eat! That’s why one of the first products we recommend to all our clients is DMK EFA ULTRA. These go beyond a normal essential fatty acid supplement (looking at you fish oil) because they contain omegas 3,6,7 and 9 derived from evening primrose and seabuckthorn seed oil. They are plant based, meaning they are vegan/vegetarian friendly and of the highest quality- no hormones or nasties here!

Supplements are massively ‘on trend’ right now; greens powder, collagen powder, gummy vitamins?! Adding one more supplement to your routine can be overwhelming- are EFA’s even worth it? ABSOLUTELY. Here’s the science: Your skin cells are coated in an essential fatty acid membrane-think of this like a security guard! It decides what comes in and out of the skin. When it has enough EFA’s it holds onto water, absorbs all the good things, and protects the cell from damage? If your skin cells aren’t functioning optimally- can they produce beautiful, glowing skin???
They are even more important if you are on a skin journey- a skin that lacks EFA’s becomes unresponsive, which makes creating change in the skin and achieving your skin goals super challenging!

So take at least 2 capsules every morning with your coffee, lemon water or tea and feel good about knowing your little skin security guards appreciate YOU!

Now… what about topically? Should I coat my skin in the thickest moisturiser I can find? What about coconut oil? …

Trans epidermal water loss or “dehydration” is one of the first things to go wrong in skin function; before the pigmentation, acne or ageing are anything to worry about… therefore, always the first thing we correct! How? When we know your taking your internal EFA’s we prescribe your topical EFAs. Why?

Essential fatty acids make up something call the acid mantle (often referred to as your “skin barrier”) Think of your acid mantle like the roof of a house! It protects everything inside. 85% of our acid mantle is made up of EFA’s, so for a skin barrier to function optimally EFA’s are KEY.

Meet your topical EFA power couple: DMK oil & mist. SEBA-E or HERBAL PIGMENT OIL paired with Herb & Mineral Mist will be your skin’s best friends.

Oil on the skin holds onto water- think of a cup of water- pop a couple drops of oil in… the oil floats and becomes like the protective seal preventing evaporation! That’s exactly what oil on the skin does- locks moisture in and forms a protective barrier.

Before we treat any skin condition, we need to have a healthy, happy barrier!

Can you use any oil? No. Unlike other oils, which definitely “feel” good on the skin, but only coat the surface and clog your pores; DMK oil formulations are specifically designed to mimic the skins natural oils, meaning that your skin recognises the oil, absorbs it and uses it- hello juicy, plump skin!

With this 2-step approach to long-lasting hydration… there’s NO excuse for impaired barriers or dehydrated, unresponsive skin here!!!

There you have it! Everything you need to know about EFA’s! (I mean… the name says it all… ESSENTIAL)