Hydration in the skin is paramount. Without adequate amounts of water within the skin the skin falls asleep, as I like to say. This means that our normal process that happen within our body don’t function at an optimal level. Our desqumating enzymes (which is our natural exfoliation of the skin) fall alseep.  The cells start cementing on the skin, creating dry thicken skin and usually presents with open pores as well. We also have a layer within our skin that holds free water levels. Without enough water within the skin we also obtain a whole range of skin problems eg. Acne, Redness, Irritation, dryness and dull skin.

So, does this mean you can just drink more water and walah!? No… i mean, please do drink more water! But, there are so many other tings we must do.
This is why we love EFAS! This stands for Essential Fatty Acids. Essential meaning we need to obtain them. DMK’s EFA’s are all plant based. Full of your omega 3,6,7&9. They derived from Coconut oil, Evening Primrose oil, Sea Buckthorn and Mekabu Seaweed. They help to plump and hydrate the within the skin. They also help in maintaining healthy cells for our skin and body. Providing antioxidants and re hydration to our skin to help to support a vibrant, healthy looking skin. Therefore re awaking it to function at its optimal level.
Get onto EFAS as soon as you can and you’ll see the difference within your skin 🙂

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