Hydro after ISO

We are still waiting patiently to open our doors for treatments after being temporarily closed due to COVID 19. Isolation is playing havoc with a lot of peoples skin. We are going to have to pull out the big guns for a lot of treatments and i just know, that a Hydro after Iso, is going to be ‘A THING’ . That’s right, you heard it here first at SKN.

Now, you have all probably heard of the treatment Micro- Dermabrasion. Its a common term now used among beauty and skin professionals. BUT, have you heard of Hydro-Dermabrasion? What is it, how is it different and what does it do for our skin? WELL, let me tell you… its bloody fabulous, and like everything we offer at SKN, its the best technology of this treatments kind.

Our machine combines both Micro and Hydro Dermabrasion technology at the same time. BRILLIANT! Two things happening at the same time, like a two in one treatment. YASSSSS PLEASE! We only offer the best at SKN, you guys know that! We are exfoliating dead cell material from the surface of the skin, whilst also performing an infusion of hydration to the skin. BOOM. The exfoliation component uses a diamond tip disc, which is carefully selected for your skin type by our elite skin professionals. This Diamond tip, mechanically, safely and gently, removes the outer, thickened layer of the skin. It also involves a vacuum suction technology that gently cleans out the pores, whilst stimulating the lymphatic system to clear out toxins and impurities. BEAUTIFUL. This leaves the skin feeling smooth and softer and brighter.

The Hydro component of this treatment allows us to infuse a hydrating serum to the epidermal layer of the skin, creating a plump, dewy, hydrated and ‘full’ appearance. The ‘after’ image is always divine and clients skin is left looking bright and youthful. SIGN ME UP!! Who else is drooling, KNOWING they are in desperate need of one of these before they can go out in public again!?? *hands up in my house*

After a thorough skin diagnostic, your therapist will tailor the infusion and exfoliation to achieve your desired results. This treatment is a fantastic skin ‘pick me up’ We can add this into our famous DMK Enzyme therapy treatments, or team it with some LED therapy. If you want to know more about LED, click here. https://www.sknbyjanemarshall.com.au/the-power-of-light/

So why do we love Hydro Dermabrasion and why do we use it!? Giving the skin a thorough exfoliation, and removing dead cell material, allows for a far better penetration of your other active products, such as peels, serums and masks. Giving a superior result.

We can use Hydro Dermabrasion on almost every skin type. There is minimal to no down time. You may leave the treatment slightly pink and flushed, but this will go down within 15-30 minutes. We can perform this treatment every 2-4 weeks, depending on the consition of your skin, and the results we are trying to achieve. This is a full skin workout, that oozes with hydration and relaxation. How the HECK can you say no…. ESPECISLLY after Iso!!??

Kayla x