So, lets talk sensitive skin… ITS NOT A THING!! Yep, I said it. Controversially or not, I said it! Sensitive skin is NOT A THING!  Bare with me here, keep reading! We are not denying that your skin is experiencing a time of ‘sensitivity’. And yes, you may have been experiencing this for quite some time.  It’s just that though, a ‘time of sensitivity’  and your skin is going through a period of being ‘reactive’. Sensitivity is not an actual condition of your skin. MYTH BUSTED!! Your skin is going through this period of sensitivity, which is most commonly due to the barrier being damaged. Which, believe it or not, is bloody fabulous news!! Again… stick with me here. What I mean is, there is a SOLUTION!! Music to your ears right! You have probably always been attracted to any product or treatment marketed at ‘sensitive skin’, afraid that anything else will trigger a flare up! Am I right?! If this is you, please, keep reading! Solutions galore from us here at SKN!! 

We at SKN, with the help and knowledge of our bestirs, DMK, can revise the reactivity, and provide you with long-lasting results!! YEAHHHHHHH BOI!!! The relief is real! First step is for a SKN technician to perform a diagnostic to determine the type and cause of this reactivity.  

Really reactive conditions! Rosacea, dermatitis, eczema. These will create redness, flare ups in the skin, dry and  tight sensations, itchy, sometimes bumpy and can socially make you feel awful. These conditions can come and go and are often more severe at one time than another. Any of these left untreated, can cause long term damage to the skin. The first step is identifying exactly WHAT symptoms your skin showing. 

Rosacea – Flushing and redness on cheeks, nose and forehead. Swelling  of the skin, and can often have small blisters or pimples. It can also feel hot and itchy. People always want to ‘calm’ rosacea down. It’s all about ‘calming’ the redness… therapists tend to treat rosacea like a psychiatric patient and feel the need to CALM everything down. THIS IS THE WRONG WAY TO TREAT ROSACEA Yep… its in caps lock, because I want you to understand exactly what I am saying. Rosacea can be treated. Not cured, but the symptoms can be managed and flare ups can almost become non-existent.  We do not want to calm it down, because rosacea is actually caused by a Demodex Mite. YEP a mite. We all have them!! They sit, invisible in our har follicle.  People showing symptoms of rosacea usually have about 10 times as many Demodex mites on their skin as people without symptoms. Their bacteria trigger an immune reaction that causes the redness and inflammation of the skin. Things that can stimulate the bacteria are alcohol, hormones, medications, stress and diet. At SKN, we would not only help you treat this reactivity topically, but also help work with you internally, to find the triggers. In salon treatments such as Alkaline and Enzyme Therapy are fantastic for treating rosacea as it dissolves the skin, cleaning out the hair follicle and therefore KILLING that pesky little mite!! See, we want to kill, not calm! Yup… we are ruthless, but we get results!!  


Not excellent and one of those conditions that can come and go, lying dormant for a long time before flaring up again. With eczema, the cells turn over far too quickly and the skins protective barrier is impaired, which results in the flakey inflamed condition. The skin is usually always suffering from TEWL as well. Trans Epidermal Water Loss.  We would again, treat this skin condition with a holistic approach and work both topically and internally. Topically we want to strengthen the function of the skin and repair the barrier. Some brilliant at home products for this are the DMK Seba E and Herb and Mineral Mist. Together, these products mimic the skins natural barrier, which in an Eczema skin, is always compromised. These help LOCK water in the skin, allowing other ingredients to get better penetration of the skin cell and start repairing. An internal Essential Fatty acid is extremely important with all reactive skin conditions. These help ensure the cell membrane is nice and healthy and can then in turn absorb active ingredients far better.  

Psoriasis is one condition I would not wish upon my worst enemy. It can be very painful, appearing anywhere on the body. Usually the skin looks raised, with dry and red patches and almost silver or scaly looking.  

Now, let’s find out the solution!! Because, although we may not be able to ‘cure’ your skin condition, we can absolutely treat the symptoms, find out the cause and manage the sensitivity you are currently experiencing. When dealing with reactive skin, we want to find out the cause! Usually we need to look at diet, environmental factors, stress, genetic factors, bacterial imbalances, and overall health. The incorrect use of treatments or products can trigger reactive skin conditions into a sensitive state. This is why, at SKN, we work purely with DMK. DMK treatments work to rebuild and strengthen the internal structures of the skin. Whilst regulating any dysfunctions in an attempt to reduce and prevent reactive skin conditions from reoccurring. Through our training with DMK, we also become more confident in understanding how our overall health, gut, stress etc, effect our skin and these reactive conditions. YEP… we bloody love DMK ALL THE WAY. We aren’t just beauty therapists, we are technicians that can look at these conditions with a holistic approach. Sometimes I feel like I have a little cape on my back. Haha. Ok, I will calm down now and get back on track.  

Just like the gut, our skin has its own microbiome which forms a unique bacterial layer that is optimal to skin health. It’s the same, if you eat something your gut does not agree with, its because the guts microbiome is out of balance. The skin becomes reactive in the same circumstance… pop a product on him that he doesn’t like… he will react in a way that is unpleasant. Remember, your skin is an organ too!! So when looking at your ‘sensitivity’ in your skin, you need to look at the whole picture. Now, we are not dr’s or natropaths so we cannot diagnose you with allergies or prescribe medications. However, we do know that if you have a skin problem, you have a gut problem. YUP. Plain and simple. This does not mean we are saying you are unhealthy. I repeat… we are not calling you an unhealthy human. This simply means that your gut microbiome is imbalanced, therefore making your skin microbiome imbalanced. This then allows flare ups of the skin condition you have been suffering from. We always have some tips on how to help with your gut health, and we also work closely with dr’s and natropaths who we cab refer you to for extra advice. We also have a previous blog post on this topic if you wish to read more. “Lets Get Gutsy’ https://www.sknbyjanemarshall.com.au/lets-get-gutsy/ BUT, what we can do is get the skins microbiome strong and back on track.  

The entire DMK range,  home care and treatments, like we rambled on about before, are designed to strengthen the immunity and function of the skin. But lets take it one step further and re – introduce you to the new Embioment Range. DMK has designed this specifically for these reactive skin types. It works with a pre and pro biotic to balance and strengthen the skins microbiome. It can be used in conjunction with you current DMK home care and must be prescribed by a trained DMK technician.  

So get started now, get ACTIVE, not REACTIVE and give us a call to book a skin consultation.

J xxx