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Hey SKN babes. I want to get into some nitty gritty about GUT health and how it effects our skin. Now I am not a dietician, naturopath, nutritionist or doctor. I absolutely do not have all the answers!! However, I have been lucky enough, over my 9 years in this industry, to attend and train in some fantastic gut health courses, seminars and webinars. Along with my knowledge and experience in the skin industry. This has helped me understand so much about gut health and skin conditions. I am a true believer that the two go hand in hand. Have you been struggling with a skin condition for what seems like forever. Tried EVERY serum, cream and facial in salon and still not getting those results you are after, you need to think internal! Now this doesn’t just mean you haven’t eaten very well for a week or not drank enough water its more than that. And it’s usually something that has built up over time and basically you need an internal REVAMP this is something ill get into further in my blog. Some things may seem obvious, but I promise you, there will be a few ‘light bulb’ moments for you, just as there have been many for me ?

If you have a skin problem, you have a gut problem
TRUTH! Now I am not just talking about that little pimple that popped up after you ate a block of choccie or went partying with the girls on Saturday night. We all over indulge and our skin gets a few bumps. What goes in must come out. Our skin doesn’t have a bottom, and sometimes our lymph and white blood cells struggle to dispose of the waste. So boom, here comes that raging Saturday night right for everyone to see. (at least you partied like it was 1995!)
I am talking real skin conditions. Rosacea, acne, psoriasis, eczema, extreme dryness or inflammation. I will say it again, if you have a skin problem, you have a gut problem. All diseases are involved with inflammation. Inflammation is the first sign of an issue with our skin. Polycystic ovaries and Endometriosis are perfect examples of hormonal and inflammatory conditions that effect our skin.
Don’t worry, its not all doom and gloom. There are so many things that we can do to help get that gut health back on track and assist in managing your skin issues. Again, I am not a doctor. I do not have a medical licence or degree and I will not prescribe you with medication. I am just here to help you understand a little more about what could be going on so you can do your own research, come in to see us and learn about the tools we have in the boutique, or to seek the advice of your own medical professional.

What can cause an unhealthy gut?
What can’t? There are so many things that contribute to our internal health. Hormones, medication, alcohol, foods, lack of sleep (yes you read that right) and stress. I am also talking about stressors such as free radicals in our environment. ( these are things such as pollution and UV exposure. SLEEP is so important because we produce the Growth Hormone at night, so not getting enough sleep can stress the growth hormones out!! These hormones assist in cell regeneration. Being on the contraceptive pill, as well as long term medications can severely affect our gut. I am not asking you to stop taking medication. This has been prescribed for you by a professional for a reason. You should always be guided by your physician in regard to all levels of medication. I am talking about doing things to help repair and manage some of the damage that those medications can create.

Detoxing, Pro Biotics and Multivitamins- The truths and the myths.
Yes, detoxing can be a fantastic way to clean out our gut and help feel a bit lighter and less bloated. However, its just one phase. When dealing with our ‘Digestive System’ We need to remember, its just that. A System. It requires a System of methods and ingredients to get it functioning properly again. E.g. a lot of our clients take iron supplements which is amazing but for our body to absorb iron you need vitamin C! Always think SYSTEM.. Some detox programs can not only flush out all of those nasty toxins and bacteria’s but also take the good ones with it! Oh please no, we need you good bacteria.

Taking a pro Biotic? You go girl!!! I applaud you. But unfortunately, the issue that may occur is that probiotics are fussy little things. They dislike a hostile environment, so if your gut is in an imbalanced and unhealthy state, the probiotic just simply cannot do his job. (poor probiotic ☹) The probiotic can actually die off and create more inflammation. Think of your gut like a garden, if a garden is overgrown with weeds, dry soil and shrubs we would not simply go in and start planting flowers. Instead we would weed, water and treat the soil. Then and only then would we come in and plant those beautiful flowers to flourish and grow. Your journey to repair your gut should be done in a similar manner.

Taking your multivitamin. Again, I applaud you. You are so on the right track and clearly you want to treat that body like the temple it is! When choosing your multivitamin, we just need to be careful of ingredients and where they are sourced from. Some multivitamins from supermarkets and department stores can have synthetic ingredients. Which means our gut cannot absorb them properly. Which basically means you are doing the labour but with little to no reward. This can also be a reason they are priced the way they are. Dirt cheap. The ingredients aren’t extracted in a way the body recognises and therefore cannot absorb. It’s a similar metaphor when we spoke about Skin Care in our previous Blog. Our multivitamins should be wholefood and plant based. This means our cells can absorb the vitamins and take them in safely. Again, if we just take the multivitamin without helping clear out the weeds, dry soil and shrubs they are not going to be able to give us all the goodness we deserve!

This all sounds so hard right!!! “If I detox I will get rid of all my nasty bacteria’s but also get rid of the goodies. But if I don’t detox and just, pop the goodness in e.g. probiotics the goodies can’t do their work properly”. WAHHHHH.
That’s why we recommend our clients to try our Regul8 Digestive Tune Up.
What is a Digestive Tune up? It is a system created by our friends at DMK. It’s a 3 step herbal based supplement that helps us safely clean out, repair, restore and maintain our gut health. The Regul8 Gut Cleans provides both cleansing and healing to the entire gastro system. We have a Cleanse, Restore and a Maintain supplement. Instead of taking them separately, we take them altogether to create that System that we spoke about earlier. If you are after the ingredients in each step and their benefits, please comment below or get in contact with us and we will send you all the juicy info. The Regul8 supplements are all wholefood and plant based and can be used on a beginner, intermediate or advanced program. Your program will be recommended by your SKN therapist in conjunction with your Skin treatment plan. Depending on the condition we are treating, the program will be customised for your personal needs.
I hope that information helps a little in understanding how the inflammation in our gut effects the skin on our face and body. If you need more help, have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in contact with one of our SKN babes.
J x

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