Lets Talk Acne!

Let’s talk Acne!

Firstly, I want you to understand that there is a huge difference between acne and a few break outs. Most of us have dealt with acne or break outs at some point in our lives but for some of us it isn’t just a teenage stage.  Speaking from experience it wasn’t until my early 20s that I started breaking out, and boy did I break out ☹ Quite frankly I felt HORRIBLE.

I’m a huge believer that true beauty is more than just skin deep.  Let’s be honest, when you are looking in the mirror at angry, painful breakouts, your confidence is going to take a knock.

What is acne though? Acne is caused by inflammation in the sebaceous gland from a build-up of keratinised cells (dead skin) and Sebum (oil).  This builds up over time and the sebum becomes thick and waxy. An early comedone can then form beneath the skin surface, just what you want right??  These comodones are little time bombs that make their way up to the surface of the skin, mix that with their friend p. acnes bacteria and BOOM!!! we have a breakout explosion.


Oil usually gets the blame when it comes to breakouts because that’s where it all starts but this is where it gets confusing.  Although oil production plays a huge part in acne OIL IS OUR FRIEND! It’s about controlling the consistency of the oil to make it work for our skin in the right way. Oil and water is vital for the health or our skin so don’t strip it back.



Hormones are a big one when it comes to breakouts.  Women have a hormone called androgen, which is basically a male hormone but when a woman’s androgen receptors are particularly sensitive e.g. when our period is due, these hormones can stimulate the oil.  This leads to the keratinised cells and sebum becoming sticky, thick and clogged. Add in p. acnes bacteria and weeeeeee back to break out world we go!!!! Generally you will find these breakouts around your chin and jaw line, right where everyone can see them.

These are not the only reasons we get breakouts this is just a little run down to make it easier to understand. The body works in weird and wonderful ways.

Jane and I understand what it’s like as we have both been there. The struggle is REAL! It’s not an overnight fix and unfortunately we don’t have magic wands. However, we do have years of experience under our belts.


Treatments are a very important part of your skin journey. We have some amazing treatments and technology in the salon that blows my mind!  A few of my favs would have to be Acne IPL rejuvenation with LED light therapy in combination with our DMK enzyme therapy. AMMMMAAAZZZINGG!!!!!

Be aware though that when you first start with treatments your skin can get worse. This is because we are going through a detox process for all those little time bombs I spoke about earlier that are bubbling away underneath the skin waiting to surface. They need to escape somehow and we are making this happen more quickly with treatments and homecare. Think of it like a food detox – what goes in must come out!


Home care is so important when it comes to seeing results – 70% to be precise.  Think of it like going to the gym and then going home and eating McDonalds every day and wondering why you aren’t losing weight. Your home care is like healthy eating.  It’s a must if you want to see results.  It is also easy to be confused by what is the right product for you and why but we’ll leave that for our next post.

So that’s it SKN babes a little run down on acne and breakouts.  If you need help or have any questions about your skin and would like us to put a treatment plan together for you please call 9039 5755.  You can also email us at skn@janemarshall.com.au


Till next week  Rx


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