Looksie at ma Tootsies!

We always rant about how we have solutions for ALL your skin. Head to toe. WELL, we were caught out by a delightful human who asked us if we had a treatment to help with her dry, cracked heels. Well, no…. no we did not. And no, we are absolutely not the people to see for that standard pedicure and lick of hot pink on your toe nails. BUT we absolutely want to have a solution for every single one of your concerns. Cracked heels and all.

This is where our incredible friends at DMK come in…. again… yep we are in a SERIOUSLY committed relationship with these guys! You already know we rave about their Alkaline Wash. We use this for hair removal and skin revision on the face. If you aren’t familiar with it, please oh please visit our Instagram so you can have a looksey! Fluffy face be gone!! This potent smelling, yet incredible powder, that turns into a pasty hair removing, skin revision GOD, can also work on those tootsies. Gold star Mr Alkaline! We shall name you Medi Pedi. Medicine for the feets!!

Because this solution swells, softens and DISSOLVES tissue, it is actually the best thing I have come across to soften those HARD, crusty heels. And coming into spring, Haviana thongs will bear their rubbery heads and be the shoe of choice from September until early March. I always look at my feet about mid October and cringe. I’m nowhere near bikini body ready, yet alone Haviana ready!!!!! EEEEEP!

Dead and thickened skin on the feet can have a dull, yellowish or white appearance. After the Medi Pedi, the skin will be left fresh and pink. Not everything can be resolved in one treatment, just like the skin on our face, sometimes things take time and a few sessions. The Medi Pedi doesn’t involve any harsh scrubbing or scrapping, just gentle massagey pressure while we help our Alkaline friend do his work.

Next facial you book, ask us about adding this into your treatment. You will be moon walking your smooth feet out of the salon in no time.

For more info buzz us for a chat 9039 5755

Jane and Rach xx

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