Meet our newest SKN team member.

T I A R N I E 🙂

Ever since I can remember, I have dreamt of working in the beauty industry. Coming from a small country town 2.5 hours from Melbourne, I never had the courage to go off to the city and study beauty therapy. After spending 9 years in Pharmacy and moving interstate, I realized I just needed to bite the bullet and go chase my dreams! So, I moved back to Victoria and enrolled myself at the most prestigious Beauty College in Australia. Elly Lukas, where I am currently studying my beauty diploma full time! Being a DMK obsessed freak ( the best kind of freak ?) for the past 2 years, after enrolling in college, my No1 priority was to find a new DMK clinic to continue having my treatments. From the moment I stepped into SKN by jane marshall I knew I had found my happy place! After being a client for only a few months, I was offered a position mid-treatment!! DREAM JOB ✅

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