We have had such a huge year at SKN already! Our first Birthday celebration back in February, winning awards in August, 2 new team members starting in November AND.. we have more exciting news commencing VERY soon. WATCH THIS SPACE for Jan 2020!! * cough… do i smell a renovation!!??*****

With growth in our clientele, the need for new team members, new appointment times and extra space in the salon has been inevitable! We are delighted to announce that we have found 2 absolute super stars to join our elite SKN team!

Because we only want the best for you, our people, our SKN family. We only hire the best. Our new members, Kayla and Chloe are incredible. Bubbly, passionate, knowledgeable and professional. Jump over to the ‘About Us’ section, or follow the link below to meet them and hear their personal stories about how they came to work at SKN.