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Protect and repair.

May 7, 2020

Solar Damage Gel. if you dont have something like this already in your regime, then get on it! STATT! This product is one of my Go-To’s in winter. A light weight gel acts as an occlusion and wraps around the skin like a barrier. The gel is applied to your skin as your LAST step. […]

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Wake Up With make Up!

April 27, 2020

Who would like to wake up in the mornings without having to fill their brows in!!?? HANDS UP!!! I mean, atm its probably not super relavant with this iso situation. BUT imagine if you had already had your brows microbladed… all those zoom meetings, NO make up necessary… brows on fleek!! Microblading, sometimes better known […]

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April 15, 2020

Well. What a time to be alive hey!! We hope you are all coping with the current ISO situation. Who knew the terms ISO and WFH would be the most used phrase right now! p.s. i do love how we Aussie’s find an abbreviation for everything. Even with so much time on our hands, we […]

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Bring a friend for the months of March and April and you BOTH receive a $50 voucher to use towards your next Skin treatment. *conditions apply*

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LETS GET ACTIVE NOT REACTIVE!  So, lets talk sensitive skin… ITS NOT A THING!! Yep, I said it. Controversially or not, I said it! Sensitive skin is NOT A THING!  Bare with me here, keep reading! We are not denying that your skin is experiencing a time of ‘sensitivity’. And yes, you may have been experiencing this […]

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It seemed fitting to write a bit about skin through pregnancy, having recently given birth myself. I was lucky, I really didn’t experience any massive changes to my skin throughout my pregnancy (hate on me later!) BUT I have worked with so many women over the years that have, and I understand the struggle is […]

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November 27, 2019

We have had such a huge year at SKN already! Our first Birthday celebration back in February, winning awards in August, 2 new team members starting in November AND.. we have more exciting news commencing VERY soon. WATCH THIS SPACE for Jan 2020!! * cough… do i smell a renovation!!??***** With growth in our clientele, […]

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August 28, 2019

SKN fam!!! We are so so excited and so proud to share with you the below Press Conference from the Australian Beauty Industry Awards. We were announced as WINNERS of Salon of the Year VIC/TAS/SA ( 4 treatment rooms or less) We are so pumped, excited, honored and humbled by this prestigious award. We want […]

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Beauty That wont break the bank! Look, it may not seem like the prime ‘Wedding’ season atm. BUT that doesn’t mean its not time to start thinking about getting your skin prepped and ready for the big day. We had the pleasure of working closely with our friends at @brideonabudget to pop together some tried […]

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August 9, 2019

IT’S THE MOTHER OF ALL FACIALS . The Game Of Thrones Facial rejuvenates dying and poorly functioning skin cells and prolongs their life for long lasting results. DMK is the first and only skincare company in the world to utilise the benefits of transfer messenger enzymes, which work to regulate the health of the cells […]

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