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Looksie at ma Tootsies!

August 15, 2018

We always rant about how we have solutions for ALL your skin. Head to toe. WELL, we were caught out by a delightful human who asked us if we had a treatment to help with her dry, cracked heels. Well, no…. no we did not. And no, we are absolutely not the people to see […]

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So many of our gorg clients are currently soaking up the rays in a warmer climate, or about to jump on a big jet plane, and head overseas,  STATT!! The lucky sods! So, whilst I’m over here, jealous as all hell. I start thinking about how I can help you take care of your skin […]

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Memberships @SKN

July 18, 2018

Hey you beautiful humans! The great thing about being a small business is we can take all your feedback and put it into place quickly. We have been blown away by how dedicated you all are to the SKN journey, and we thank you! We want you to feel comfortable and excited about your experience […]

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Mason + Co.

June 30, 2018

When we came up with the concept of SKN by Jane Marshall, we wanted to deliver the very best in skincare, paramedical treatments and knowledge in a completely luxurious environment. We like to think we have created a boutique that is just that. Elegant, approachable and a world of wisdom ? * if we do […]

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June 15, 2018

So your man got his knee dirty!? WOOOHOOOOO. Yay! What an exciting time! So much to plan and organise for one of the biggest days of your lives! There are so many things on your list, venue, guest list, bridal party, THE DRESS, hair make up. The list goes on. Sometimes our skin gets forgotten […]

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Winter is coming. And we’re not talking a Game of Thrones binge on the couch, although that sounds like the perfect hibernation over those dreaded Melbourne winter months! We all stay in a little more in winter. Hello snuggles, Netflix and comfort food?. We add extra layers of clothing and sometimes a few extra layers […]

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May 11, 2018

Let’s talk SPF. Its one of those topics that gets so much attention through conversation and social media. Everyone knows SPF is important and everyone tries to do the right thing. But do we use the 50, 15 or 30 plus?! And if I’m just inside all day do I even need it at all? […]

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April 28, 2018

Dermapen, skin needling, micro needling or CIT. Whatever you call it, I want to talk about the if’s, the hows, the why’s and the home come?  All of the above are simply different terms for Micro-needling of the skin. Now before you all start thinking of that well-known YouTube video of the ‘vampire’ facial, take […]

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EFA Love.

April 21, 2018

Today I am talking about EFAS !! Now this is something I am crazy passionate about! I LOVE EFA’s. Simply because I have seen first hand the results of taking them myself! Even my boyfriend noticed how bright and clear my skin was, he even asked if I was wearing makeup (what a babe). I […]

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A Plus!

April 13, 2018

Hey SKN fam. We posted earlier this week about the benefits of Vitamin A and how much we love this ingredient. It really is a wonder vitamin that works on every skin type for so many different reasons.  There can often be some confusion around vitamin A as there are so many different names, different […]

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