No pregnancy Glow!? What a blow!!

It seemed fitting to write a bit about skin through pregnancy, having recently given birth myself. I was lucky, I really didn’t experience any massive changes to my skin throughout my pregnancy (hate on me later!) BUT I have worked with so many women over the years that have, and I understand the struggle is real!! So let’s chat about skin and pregnancy and how bloody annoying it is when you don’t get that preggy glow (trust me.. its just sweat from spewing and being hot… and clammy… all the bloody time!!) Hormones are rough and they affect everything… yep… everything, and it’s the worst when its right out there on our face for the world to see!! BUT… side note….the end result.. That beautiful squishy delishy bubba… WORTH EVERY FRIKKEN BLEMISH!!!

Some women are bloody lucky, and do get that glowing skin and are radiant through pregnancy… … good for them… Well done… now sod off! Most of us are not… so don’t be fooled. No, I didn’t get breakouts, but my skin was dull, grey, rough and the wrinkles that formed!!!! OHHHH THE WRINKLES!! Corrugated iron took up a place on my forehead, let’s just say that. From breakouts to rashes, stretch marks and pigmentation… hormones are the pesky little buggers to blame for all of our skin woes through pregnancy! Going untreated, these skin conditions can last for years after pregnancy, seeming permanent. BUT… thankfully, in most cases, they are not. There are ways to revise skin conditions bought on by pregnancy, it can take time, but it’s worth it to feel like your bright glowy self again.

Pesky Preggy pigment.

Estrogen is the bitch responsible for this one. Increased production of estrogen can stimulate the melanocytes, the cells responsible for producing melanin in the skin. Generally, during pregnancy, the estrogen is at its highest peak and this can create new pigmentation to surface and create existing pigment to darken. Freckles, moles, sunspot and even the nipple area, may all become increasingly darker. Oh, the joy!! I love looking like I have sneezed into a milo tin…. hey at least I have wagon wheel nipples to dunk in the milo later! #facepalm. This sort of pigmentation is generally harmless and fades soon after birth when your hormonal levels start to regulate. When DO they start to regulte1? frantically googles Oh yes… Google will be your new best friend and worst enemy through pregnancy and post-birth!!! Hot tip…. AVOID GOOGLE.

Another pigmentation created through pregnancy is much harder to handle…

Melasma. Or, more commonly known as the pregnancy mask, generally affects 75% of pregnant women and is visible mainly on the forehead and under the eye areas. This can appear at any time throughout your pregnancy and can become permanent with exposure to the sun. As if the other changes your body is going through is enough… now you are telling me my face may look like MUD for the rest of my life!? JOG ON MARY!!!! It can also reoccur through any other hormonal spike or change, such as future pregnancies or taking the contraceptive pill. We recommend taking preventative measures, such as using pigment inhibitors in your homecare routine prior to, during and after your pregnancy. (if possible of course!) We recommend DMK melanotech drops, Direct Delivery Vitamin C, super bright and Herbal Pigment oil. For more info on these, give us a buzz or email us so we can help you!
There also many treatments we recommend post-pregnancy that can help lighten and brighten this pigmentation. A skin consultation is always best.

Feeling like an awkward acne teenager!?? Oh no… just pregnant… no big deal!! Luckily not as many women suffer from acne through their pregnancy as pigmentation. Usually, the breakouts will appear along the jawline area and you can experience them within the first trimester. Yep, whilst you have your head in the toilet spewing like your life depends on it, your chin will be growing some divine pimps full of bacteria just for shits and gigs. Hormones are good like that. Your body is making a baby ( women are frikken amazing… and superheroes, and bloody incredible… we can grow ENTIRE PEOPLE!!!!! Let… that… sink… in) and your body is under stress, so when your hormones encourage an increase in oil production that is not regulated properly…. breakouts may occur. We recommend using acu klear, beta gel and a cleaner and moisturiser specific to your skin to help keep these under control. You can also have many treatments whilst pregnant to help with these pesky pimps. We recommend DMK Enzyme therapy teamed with LED.


Your sense of smell and taste may have become more sensitive, but maybe so has your skin. Often pregnant women experience some sort of itchiness, sensitivity or redness to their skin. Before pregnancy, you may have been able to swap and change your product. But now, things may be a little different. Just like the rest of your body, your skin is also changing. This is due to the extra blood flow you are experiencing. We recommend sticking to products containing anti-inflammatory ingredients. Beta gel here is super important, the beta-glucan ingredient is fabulous for your skin overall health and immunity.

Whatever the state of your skin is throughout your pregnancy, we would highly recommend booking in to see us at SKN. Whether it’s for some serious skin revision (with pregnancy-safe treatments of course) for some self-pampering and skin love. Self-care and taking care of yourself through this changing and special time is paramount. TRUST me. I probably didn’t do this enough… no Jane… no ‘probably ‘about it. I DEFINITELY didn’t perform enough self-care throughout my pregnancy. Take some time for you, treat yourself and your skin. Pregnancy can be hard and stressful, and having skin problems that everyone can see can not only make us feel self conscious, but can make us feel a little crap. Treat yourself and your skin!!

Jane xx