Plasmatic Fanatic

Heya SKN Fam.

So we always go on and on…. And on and on and on ( yes we are like broken little SKN records… we know some of you hear us in your heads when removing that make up even when your drunk as a skunk and really CBF… my fave is when people tell me.. “I knew if I didn’t I would get in trouble from Jane”…. Or as some call me “the skin witch”. We LOVE clients for this hehe, because YES we can tell if you have been using your products or not! PROMISE!) Where was I… oh yes, we rant about how amazing our DMK Enzyme Therapy is. It really is like nothing we have ever seen on the market. And it dawned on us, that not everyone knows what it is or does! And we feel bad for these delightful humans, everyone NEEEEDS to know what Enzyme therapy is about. You know how you NEEEEED that coffee in the morning? Same same! We constantly post updates via our social media, but we wanted to go a little more in depth about all this #plasmaticfanatic #dmkenzymetherapy hoohah.

DMK works on a concept of Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain. Many other ranges work on purely buffing, peeling or exfoliating the skin back. And whilst this is important sometimes, it is also INCREDIBLY important to REBUILD the skin. DMK paramedical therapy works on the structure and function of the skin. The treatments address the skin on an internal cellular level. The origin of any skin condition, acne, psoriasis, rosacea etc, is a result of disharmony in the function of the skin. By using Enzyme Therapy to restore the skins vital internal processes to optimal function. All of the formulations we use with DMK, match the skin’s natural chemistry. Skin cells only accept and react to a chemistry that they recognize. Kinda like swiping through Tinder…  sometimes there’s a chemistry you recognize, and those gems are worth a flirty text ? Otherwise SWIPE LEFT!

At SKN and DMK, we don’t believe in quick fixes *insert a line that Rach and I use frequently

* “If we had a magic wand that we could wave and fix all your concerns, we would be millionaires and neither of us would be sitting here” We don’t believe in quick fixes and we strive to restore the health and function of the skin to optimal health.

Ok… so what does Enzyme Therapy ACTUALLY MEAN!!!???? RIGHT… like what does it do!? We all have little enzymes that naturally live in our bodies. These guys help regulate our health and work their butts of with certain minerals in the body to form a natural system of antioxidants to fight free radicals. Picture Willy Wonka’s OOMPA LUMPAS!! When the DMK Enzyme masque is applied to the skin it stimulates these Enzymes. This creates a reverse osmosis process (say that 10 times as quick as you can)  that forces fluids our through the cell wall, flushing the matrix that surrounds the cells so its clean, clear and toxin free. This also creates a pulsing sensation for the client. Each pulse is a fresh flush of oxygen, blood and nutrients through the skin. SOOOO MUCH SCIENCE!!!!!  The plasmatic effect that you can see after the Enzyme masque is removed is the peripheral capillaries, bringing about improved oxygen uptake. Free water levels in the skin are restored and the lymphatic system helps take away toxins. The Enzyme sits on the skin for 45 minutes. Whilst this is on you will feel it pulse, tighten and go very hard. This guy works hard. And whilst he does his work, we do ours, with a LUSH hand, arm and foot massage. Don’t worry, we don’t mind little snores ?

I like to put it VERY simply for clients. Enzyme Therapy is like servicing the engine of a car. If we just polished and waxed the surface of our car, it would look DELISH. But it’s eventually going to break down. This is why we see a gorgeous little magical mechanic man who changes the oil and water and tinkers about under the hood to ensure we don’t break down and get trapped, damsel in distress style, on the bloody carpark that is Hoddle street. With Enzyme Therapy, we are servicing the engine of the car, as well as buffing and polishing the outside. Ensure the engine is functioning optimally but it also looks FAB as we go along.

Hope that helps get you guys as excited as we are about beautiful Enzyme Therapy!!! Remember you can always Book An appointment or give us a call for more info.

Jane xxx