Our Star Brands

At SKN by Jane Marshall your goal is our goal. Your mission is our mission: to get you the skin you want. The skin you deserve. We’re delighted to work with O Cosmedics, DMK skin care and other acclaimed brands towards our goals. O Cosmedics and DMK skin care are brands at the very summit of skincare, and vital tools for us in helping you achieve the skin you deserve.

Danne M King - rebuilding skin, rebuilding lives

Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain.



DMK doesn’t just focus on what is there, but how it came to be there. DMK is the only company in the world to utilise the effects of transfer-messenger enzymes.


O Cosmedics

Using the purest combination of medical grade ingredients, cosmetic science and our very own world exclusive V8 Peptide Complex™, O Cosmedics was designed with three things in mind: aging, biomimetic technology and the principles of Corneotherapy. O is precision skin care that works on the threshold of medicine to treat the five major causes of aging; Collagen Breakdown, Inflammation, Glycation, Photo Defence and Oxidation. Our goal is to retain or regain skin health and skin youth!

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Miss M by Minx

Creating luxurious innovative Spray Tanning products for beauty and hair salons and at home tanning products that are Australian made.

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