Our Star Brands

At SKN by Jane Marshall your goal is our goal. Your mission is our mission: to get you the skin you want. The skin you deserve. We’re delighted to work with DMK skincare, Spray Aus and other acclaimed brands towards our goals.DMK products are at the very summit of skincare, and are vital tools for us in helping you achieve the skin you deserve.

Danne M King - rebuilding skin, rebuilding lives

Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain.



DMK doesn’t just focus on what is there, but how it came to be there. DMK is the only company in the world to utilise the effects of transfer-messenger enzymes.


Spray Aus

Life’s just better with colour. Founded in 2014, Spray Aus is now one of the biggest and best tan brands going around. Their vision? To develop a luxurious mist, that would not only dry quickly and evenly on the skin, but combined their love for natural and organic ingredients. A tan natural enough to wear for any occasion.

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Mason + Co

At SKN, we believe in quality. We want you to take a small piece of us home with you. Of coarse you will be leaving with skin confidence, ( thats a given) but we want you to take home a little bit of luxury from your experience. That’s why we have teamed up with Mason+Co. Mason + Co have created some beautiful candles with signature blends especially for us. AMAZING. Czarlene is the founder and creator of this luxury brand. Named after her first son, she created something incredibly special and boutique from her own home. We love women in business and we simply adore, hand made, 100% soy and 100% Australian and Melbourne made products.

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It’s SO important to treat skin holistically and all skin conditions have an internal element, which is why we’re so excited to introduce these this incredible, delicious and corrective gut health powders to SKN!!! Designed by a Naturopath who was passionate about natures herbs and nutrients to help restore health and wellness to the body.

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Saint Minerals

Because we believe in skin health ( i mean, we don’t just believe in it, we breathe it!) We also believe that showing off your incredible skin, and flaunting your natural beauty is paramount. Confidence without cover up is our moto! Insert SAINT MINERALS! A natural coverage to enhance and show off your glowing skin!
It aligns with our brand so perfectly that we just had to take it on. We can’t wait for our clients to try it.

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