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What is DMK

At SKN we believe in only the best. Our goal is your goal, to get you the best skin of your life. This is why we purely and proudly stock DMK products. We are proud to provide our clients with the best skincare on the market. And this is DMK products. We utilize the advanced technology DMK has to offer, both in our treatments and when recommending our clients with at home prescriptive.

DMK works on long term results, creating true change in the skin. DMK Enzyme Therapy is the signature treatment, and the foundation of everything we do at SKN. This treatment uses technology that stimulates our transfer messenger enzymes and helps to clear debris, toxins and dead cell material by using reverse osmosis and our lymphatic system.  Your in salon treatments are then supported by your at home DMK products. Your highly skilled therapist will help create a tailored home care plan after a thorough consultation.

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Some of our favourite DMK products

One of our absolute favourite DMK products, and one most of you will come to use is DMK EFA Ultra. This is an internal fatty acid supplement that helps support the integrity of the skin, and ensures the cells are healthy enough for us to push and challenge the skin within your DMK treatments. DMK Efa Ultra, is more than your usual ‘fish oil’ containing Omega 3, 6 ,7 , 9, Seabuckthorn and essential coconut oil, just to name a few. We have found these to be proven ‘game changers’ when helping our clients through a skin care journey. These are an essential part of your DMK skincare routine.

Another of our favourite DMK skincare products is Beta Gel. We call this our ‘hero’ product. This is a beta Glucan serum that helps to strengthen your skin immunity. It helps keen the good stuff in and the bad stuff out! Strengthening, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and overall skin integrity. Every single client we meet will meet this serum and instantly fall in love with it. Skin health in a bottle. WINNER!

Clients loving DMK Enzyme Therapy!

Catherine Deady-I’ll definitely be returning!I had the best treatment with Rachel yesterday, 2 hours of pure relaxation! I had the DMK enzyme therapy. I’ve had this treatment before, and swear by it for problematic (breakouts and blemishes) skin. This treatment can be quite uncomfortable as the mask tightens and feels quite restrictive on your skin. The mask needs to set for 40 minutes, so Rachel ensured I was relaxed with an amazing body massage & checked in with me regularly.

I’m new to Melbourne, so was looking for a skin specialist for regular treatments. My friend recommended Rachel & Jane’s new salon in Carlton and I’ll definitely be returning! I received professional and friendly advice from Rachel and was not pushed into buying products as Rachel was happy with my current skin routine at home. Jane & Rachel have done a great job with their salon, it is very calm & has a relaxing feel to it! Good luck with the new business adventures ladies & I’ll see you soon

Mia Ratcliffe-May 2019
Absolutely amazing. Fantastic team and amazing results. Had the DMK Enzyme therapy. Thank you so much Jane. Loving the feel off my skin. Can’t wait to come back. 5 stars isn’t enough. I give you 10 stars. Highly recommended.

Kate Yarwood- May 2019
I go to SKN for all of my treatment needs! For treatment of oily skin and open pores to laser hair removal and tattoo removal, the service is first class.
I also love the DMK products! After trying several other high end brands I have now found my holy grail of skin care. Thanks SKN by Jane Marshall for completely transforming my skin!

Reviews and Results

This is Amy. Amy was concerned with Post inflammatory pigmentation. After hearing fantastic reviews about DMK Enzyme Therapy and Beta Gel Reviews, Amy came to see us. These images are 4 weeks apart with Amy incorporating Biogen C, DMK EFA Ultra
and DMK beta Gel into her homecare routine.

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