Protect and repair.

Solar Damage Gel. if you dont have something like this already in your regime, then get on it! STATT!

This product is one of my Go-To’s in winter. A light weight gel acts as an occlusion and wraps around the skin like a barrier. The gel is applied to your skin as your LAST step. After your moisturizer, apply a thin layer and massage it in. Can use morning and night. When using in the morning, its acting like a barrier and protecting against the daily environment. In the evenings its extra replenishment, hydration and nourishment.

Solar Damage gel is fab all year round, but especially when we are exposed to excess heating and cooling. It soothes the skin and reduces inflammation. It restores moisture to your skin, giving you a more replenished and plumper look. YESSSS PLEASE!

Everyone can benefit from using this gel. Its also FAB for acne prone skins! TRUTH! Its light weight and full of anti inflammatory properties. We all know how angry acne gets sometimes, and this gel helps to calm it down. It can also be applied after laser, IPL or waxing, both in clinic or at home. Everyone should have a bottle of this bad boy in their bathroom cabinet.

It contains beautiful ingredients like Aloe Vera and chamomile which help to soothe and have anti inflammatory benefits. It also contains hylauronic acid which is super hydrating and can hold up to 1000 times it own weight in water. You can see why i love this product so much.

If you are looking to give your skin extra love and protection….solar damage gel is your guy.

Kayla xx