Relax – Street Relief

What a stressful time we are living in. But I want to talk to you about  how ‘stressors’ effect our skin and this fabulous supplement  that can help.
Relax- stress relief by DMK. 
These tablets help to improve clarity, focus and concentration. These tablets are part of the Regul8 system. Regul8 is a gut clean up. RELAX formula is a herbal tablet designed to help you remain calm and reduce stress during the day. It  may assist with sleeping better at night as well! 

These guys have a regulating effect on our cortisol levels ( stress hormone) and the nervous system. these are fabulous for wired, tired people. You would take 2 tablets in the mornings with your EFA supplements, and then 2 in the evenings, approximately 2 hours prior to bedtime. Relax have a regulating effect, so even you dont feel tired on them. But, the ebst thing is that you have a nice, even, calm feeling.

They also help to restore a cranium rythym, whilst sleeping. We all know how important sleep is, taking 2 tablets an hour or 2 before bed, and you will be suprised at how quickly you do fall asleep.

The main thing is that you wont feel tired when taking relax. Its also very important to set a bedtime, as this, along with relax, help to balance the rythms within our body.

Relax contains

Passionflower – Nervous system relaxant

Lemon Balm – Immune Booster

Rose Root – Helps to relieve symptoms of stress.

In 2020, everyone NEEDS these in their homecare kit.

Kayla xx