SCULPT Your Body


Hands up if you have been personally victimized by cellulite!? Those annoying divots that make themselves right at home on your thighs, lower abdomen, derriere, or wherever the hell they please! RUDE! And although you may lead a healthy lifestyle, eating your cultured almonds, drinking your green juices and killing yourself at the gym, cellulite can still show up.

It effects roughly 90% of women ( including the fitspo ones) And can really knock a persons confidence. That’s where this pot of GOLD comes into play. Body Sculpting Contour Cream! A treatment cream designed to help reshape those stubborn areas by minimizing the appearance of cellulite, along with tightening and toning the skin. As if!!! HOW!?? Via a thermogenesis effect that takes place in the upper dermis and lower subcutaneous tissue, which stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, flushing out toxins and built up waste. Its key ingredient is Cassia. It increases circulation, oxygenation and improves lymphatic drainage, whilst strengthening the connective tissue. That’s How! BOOM. Mic drop!

Bust out the glad wrap SKN fam, you are going to need it!

After you shower, massage a thin layer to the area/s being treated. Wrap it up with a few layers of Glad’s finest, and leave for 40 mins. Remove wrap and rub in the excess. Marinate for 8-12 hours before showering to get the full benefits of what this magic cream can do. You can use it as a wrap 2-4 times weekly, and as a detoxifying moisturizer every day.

You. Are. Welcome.

Tiarnie x