SKN Experience

Christmas is that time of the year when things can get stressful, overwhelming and SUPER expensive. What do you get that person? How much should you spend? Will they use it? Its tough man!

We have tried to make things a little easier and a little more personal ?

Instead of getting a loved one something that will sit on the shelf, in the cupboard or something impersonal. We encourage you to think about an experience. You know, when you get to a certain age, if you want something or need something, you just go and buy it! Gifts can then become so tricky and very impersonal. Experiences are the new best gift you can give. Why not treat a ,loved one, or give your hubby, friend or family member a BIG nudge and tap on the shoulder to take advantage of an experience at SKN. A rejuvenating LED, relaxing neck and shoulder massage, hot towel foot wrap and foot and leg massage. DROOOOOOL fest!! So good for the mind, soul AND results driven for the skin. Extra value on our vouchers is now available until Christmas. Making life easy. Simples!!

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J xx