Sober me skinny.

We know July is almost over, we get it, we missed the Dr July band wagon. BUT it made us really think of just how much drinking alcohol effects our skin. We talk about it in clinic with our clients, but we felt it the right time to share our wise words of wisdom with you! ( LOL… no I wasn’t a bottle in when writing this hehe)

Dropping the drink may be tough, so many social occasions, celebrations and events… and quite frankly it’s a delight to have a glass of something in your hand after a long week. But, popping the glass down, the benefits on you skin and health can be phenomenal. Clearer head, clearer skin, more energy, weight loss and improved mood. SOUNDS FAB TO US!! Why do you think the Dry July Campaign became so popular!! It just need to be in July where we ditch the grog, though… I get the appeal, middle of winter, less on, less reasons to leave the couch… its probably a great month to give it a go if you have been thinking about it. AND it does raise money and awareness for a great cause.

BUT – If your feeling foggy or sluggish, now might be the right time to pop the old bevvy down and take a step away. Just a small step.

Alcohol might taste and feel nice to drink (I mean, how good is a glass of red when you are curled up under the blankets in front of a winter fire!!)  However, to your body and mind it is a poison. Dramatic?? Maybe…. But it’s a huge stressor on our body.  Even if you have just one drink, any amount of alcohol in your system is recognised as a stressor (something that causes inflammation). Internal inflammation like that caused by alcohol has a ripple effect throughout your other organs, particularly if your body is in a constant state of inflammation. Your skin is a reflection for what is happening within and if your digestive system is inflamed due to alcohol your skin will suffer from inflammation as well. #simples

The antibodies produce in response to stressors to fight and remove foreign substances such as bad bacteria, viruses, and to heal external and internal injuries can damage the surrounding healthy tissue. Specifically, in skin, antibodies can breakdown collagen, elastin, and the skins protective barrier if left unregulated. SOOOO basically, drinking will make you look old… haha, no jokes, but it definitely does accelerate the ageing process!  Inflammation caused from alcohol consumption can manifest in the form of reactive skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema, acne, and signs of ageing just to name a few. Our bodies are extremely clever, and when antibodies are triggered anti-inflammatory responses are produced as well in order to regulate their release.

Unfortunately, alcohol is a double edged sword and not only creates an inflamed environment but also inhibits anti-inflammatory regulators. (FFS…… I love my G and T on a FriYAY night!!!) Its not all doom and gloom, but all this information absolutely makes you think about just what we are putting into our bodies.  We talk about gut health A LOT at SKN, and sometimes we forget that a drink is a huge part of that dietary health. Gut health is always important to think about, especially if we are going through a serious skin journey and tackling some hard conditions, cutting out, or cutting back on alcohol may be the kick start our gut needs to reduce inflammation.

After just 12-24 hours our body starts to detoxify from alcohol. Within 24 – 48 hours our sugar levels balance and begin to normalise. Within one week, your quality of sleep should improve (super important as lack of sleep is an entirely different form of stress to our bodies and skin) Within 2 weeks you should feel more hydrated and may even start to see the signs of weight loss. (now you got my attention…. Sober me skinny!?) Within a month your blood pressure may reduce and start to stabalise. All of these added health benefits as well as reducing inflammation, redness, bacteria and dryness in your skin. GLASS IS OFFICIALLY DOWN!!!!

Now we aren’t asking you to give up the grog forever. I mean…. BORING!! BUT, if you are going through a skin journey, prepping for a big event or feeling the need to ‘reset’, we would encourage a month or 2 without a glass of Savvy B in your elegant hands.

Insert great campaigns such as  Dry July!! We say go for it. Not just as its an amazing cause to raise funds and awareness, but its an amazing cause for you, your health, your mind and your skin.

SKN babes


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