Well. What a time to be alive hey!! We hope you are all coping with the current ISO situation. Who knew the terms ISO and WFH would be the most used phrase right now! p.s. i do love how we Aussie’s find an abbreviation for everything. Even with so much time on our hands, we manage to shorten things.

Today I want to talk to you about Stress and the skin, and how to two are linked. We all have some stress, or have experienced it at some point. Even if we practice meditation, have a good work life balance and dont feel stressed. There are things like external environmental Stress. I know right… just when we thought we were doing all the right thiongs in practicing self care!

You would think that our skin would be loving the fact that most of us are at home, in isolation, make-up free! Hmm , debatable! Some of you may be thriving. Your skin is doing a jump for joy, and you are a glowy, delicious Kar-bloody-dashian! Others will be experiencing breakouts, redness and dry irritated skin. So, where does this all stem from!> STRESS! One of the biggest causes of skin problems. STRESS.

Even though most of us are either working from home, or not working at all. We are all experiencing a different level of stress. This is a pandemic. Something we have never, and will never again live through. The stress may be from financial strain, from the kids being home schooled, from both you and your spouse working from home, not enough work, too much work, BOREDOM!!! Everyone has different triggers to their stress.

Our tips. Though they may seem simple, and obvious. Sometimes we just need a small reminder to do them. Take some time out of your day, go for a walk. Do some form of exercise! Not only does it get the body moving, waste a little bit of ALL THAT FREE TIME you have! It also gets mroe blood flowing, oxygen flowing and gets your circulation active. Hence… why we LOVE DMK Enzyme therapy! Thats basically what it does… exercise for your skin!

If exercise is not your thing, thats ok! We dont expect you all to turn into Cathy Freeman! East some chocolate ( YEP.. we said that!) or get some sun! * MUST HAVE SPF ON… of coarse!* These 2 things ALSO get your endorphins in motion. Which is our HAPPY emotion. Simple things like these help to ease levels of stress and can help with those pesky skin problems.

Our entire body is connected and works as a system. Our brain, skin and gut all work together. There are alot of nerve endings in our gut, helping to connect to our hormones, emotions and therefore skin! When we stress, our body lets off the stress hormone, cortisol. Which for example, in acne, can increase the skins oil production, making bacteria and pimples more common.

So our simple tips whilst in ISO. Keep up your daily skin care routine, exercise, do things you enjoy ( as much as you can whlst in lockdown!) and let those good endorphins flow. Your skin will start getting back to its happy place in no time.

If you do need some extra support to bring the skin under control, we are always here to help and have a range of different products to give you and your skin a helping hand.

Kayla xx