Follow Kayla’s quick guide on the what, the how, and some frequently asked questions to get your skin hair free ready for summer. xx

Stands for Super Hair Reduction. SHR is a breakthrough innovation in IPL treatments. This machine scans the treatment area with up to 10 flashes per second, gradually heating the hair follicles. Treatments are preformed quicker and easier with precision reduction of hair removal.


Is SHR hair reduction suitable for me?

Treatments are suitable for a wide range of skin types and hair colour. Your therapist will discuss your expected results in your consultation.

How many treatments will I need?

Each individual is different so result times vary. However a course of 6 solid sessions are recommended. Clients usually have between 6-12 sessions. Then go onto maintence which be once every 3- 6 months for a touch up on areas.

Is SHR permanent hair removal?

Unfortunately no. Let me explain. No machine is a permanent hair removal. It is a Permanent hair reduction! With 80% reduction in hair growth. Our bodies are designed to regenerate, and therefore the hair can re grow. As we safely damage the hair follicles, the hair within them comes back slower and slower and eventually not at all!

Does the results differ on different parts of the body?

YES. Hormonal areas can take longer to treat e.g. Bikini area, Underarm and Face. Theses areas are constantly stimulated by our hormones which can re-stimulate our hair follicles. However good news is that they will never be the same thickness and can disappear over time 😊

Can I have it while I am pregnant or wearing Fake Tan?

NO. Whilst you are pregnant it is not recommended to have any laser treatments. Also whilst breastfeeding it is not recommended either.

Fake tan is a big no NO! why? Because we can burn your skin. Fake tan is a chemical that will react with the Light and Heat of the Laser Machine acting like a chemical burn on the skin. Please thoroughly remove fake tan at least 2-3 day prior to your appointment in the salon also make your therapist aware that you’ve had it on also! Very important. Your therapist has the right to refuse treatment if the area isn’t completely removed.

Can I be tanned naturally?

YES you can have a Natural tan e.g in summer time. There is STRICTLY no tanning within 48hrs before and after of your appointment. If are going to have sun exposure within this time PLEASE use your sunscreen and protect the areas being treated as again it can result with burns from the SHR treatment. Your therapist has the right to refuse treatment if the area has been exposed within 48hrs.

Do I need to shave the area?

YES. You must shave the area 24hrs before your treatment. Shaving on the day of the treatment or the therapist having to shave just before the treatment will cause irritation to the area, when heat is applied to freshly shaven skin.

We hope this helped you with any of your questions. Please give us a call, get in touch via socials, or book online to start your sessions.

Kayla xx