SKN GOSS is our online Magazine that hits your inbox weekly. A quick snapshot of the headlines at SKN over the past week. Just so you don’t miss any of the good, fun stuff!!
Fam, we know how much you love your treatments and results at SKN. You tell us all the time, and BOY do we love hearing it and APPRECIATE every single kind word. The energy and good vibes helps create the culture we have at SKN. SO, let’s share LOVE and reward you at the same time. 
When you refer a friend to SKN, we will thank you with 50% OFF your next treatment with us. YEP, generous we know, but we feel we owe you guys some love and a big thank you! We are so proud that our SKN Fam has organically grown by word of mouth over the last few years. So this is a big thank you from us, to you guys, our biggest cheerleaders and best brand ambassadors we could ask for. 

We have had a busy week in the salon. Some new Video tutorials on how to properly cleanse your skin. Sounds simple enough, right!? Surprisingly, not everyone knows how to cleanse properly, or knows the importance of double cleansing their skin morning and night. Check out our latest IGTV for a few fab tips.

Prepping for a wedding? CONGRATULATIONS!! We would love to help you feel the most BEAUTIFUL version of yourself on your big day. Whether it is 6 weeks, or 6 months away, we have so many solutions to help you get your best skin confidence when you become a MRS. Just get in touch.

 Vitamin A Resurfacing Treatments at SKN. Stayed tuned for a FAB new treatment coming to SKN. Amazing for pigmentation, sun damage, thickened skin, age management and post inflammatory pigmentation. More info coming in next week’s SKN Goss. Don’t forget to check out our most recent before and Afters on our social media Channels There are some really motivating images that we know will get you applauding. Remember to bring back any finished Herb and Mineral Mist bottles,or Candle jars for us to recycle.Hugs, SKN health and confidence always!
Jane, Kayla and Britt xx 

Warmest Wishes

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