The power of light!

Hey Guys! Talking LED today! When I first heard about LED Light Therapy I was intrigued, but sceptical! I mean we have all heard of LED, in lights, in TV’s, but how on earth can a light help fix the skin? After training and years of seeing the incredible POWER of LED Light Therapy, my tune changed very quickly. This is awesome! And so powerful in enhancing results in the skin.

Today I’m going to explain the ins and outs of LED and how it can help you with your skin concerns.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED is a light source that emits infrared light using the correct wavelengths to stimulate the skin on a cellular level. Each coloured light is stimulating a different part of the skin’s epidermis. Sort of like using different exercises to target different muscles of the body. We have a choice of RED, BLUE, GREEN & YELLOW. They all do different things as they work on different wavelengths and therefore hit different cells in our skin. Depending on what we are trying to treat will depend on the colour program we choose for your skin. We can also use a combination of two to three colours within your treatment. We can incorporate LED into any facial e.g. DMK Enzyme Therapy, O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Planning, Micro and Hydro-dermabrasion and even Skin needling! Yep, we told you it was an awesome little machine. it really is so versatile, and the results are WOW!!!!!! So why would we incorporate it into a treatment? Not only because the results are incredible, but it’s a fantastic way to stimulate the cells before a peel so the peel penetration is superior or to calm the skin down or hydrate the skin after a treatment. Where the LED is incorporated into the skin program, will depend on what we are trying to achieve ?

What does what :

RED light – uses a long wavelength so it can travel deep into the skin’s epidermis to stimulate collagen, elastin and accelerate healing. It’s great for a little bit of everything, from texture and tone to acne and ageing

BLUE light –  uses a shorter wavelength so it can tackle ACNE.  Blue light produces oxygen within the skin that destroys the acne causing bacteria, helps with the inflammation surrounding the acne, and not only that it is also amazing for your mood! Who knew!?

Yellow Light – Fantastic for redness, irritation and rosacea. Yellow light helps to flush waste from the skin and improve lymphatic flow.

Green Light– Amazing for Pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Green light targets the melanocytes. (melanin-producing cells) located in the deeper layers of the skin.

During an LED treatment the light will be on the skin for 20 minutes, sometimes more depending on what we are trying to treat. It is a non-invasive treatment. The light is so calming, it makes you feel like you are laying on the beach in Vanuatu. YASSSS PLEASE! Sometimes the light feels quite bright, but you soon adjust and get used to it.  Sometimes the light will flash, this flashing plays a huge roll in the penetration of the light! Each flash is like a strong pulse of light therapy into the skin for stronger depth and superior results.  Think supersets at the gym! Your eyes are completely covered with blackout goggles and after a couple of minutes, you completely adjust. It really is super relaxing and fab for your skin. As the skin is being worked by that LED, we will give you that pamper you deserve with a delightful hand and arm massage! *want now!*

Depending on what we are trying to achieve and treat will depend on how often we would need to see you in the salon. If we are treating a skin concern like acne, pigmentation and ageing we would encourage you to come in 2 to 3 times a week for 8-10 sessions. That may sound like a lot for some people, however, this would be to get the condition under control. We would soon we able to pop you on a maintenance program.  If we are using the LED as a boost to your maintenance treatments, then 3-6 weeks, depending on your maintenance treatment plan. We will usually use LED in conjunction with other treatments such as enzyme peels, DMK enzyme therapy, chemical peels or hydro dermabrasion. It just adds that big BOOST to your treatments and makes your skin work a little harder. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to get the most out of their treatment while you’re here.

So that’s the power of light SKN fam. If you are still a sceptic, give us a call to book in for a complimentary skin consultation to learn how and why LED would work for you and your skin.

Until next time.

R xx

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