The treatment stimulates a process called 'reverse osmosis' to remove dead protein, toxins and not only act on the surface of the skin but work with the skin to restore it to optimal health.

A healthy environment for your skin

What we all simply adore about DMK, is the unique way it helps treat the core of your skin concerns. A DMK facial will tackle the root causes of myriad skin concerns head-on.

See Long Term Results

Unlike the all popular ‘oxygen facials’, which cannot create true oxygenation of the skin as your skin cells don’t breathe, this treatment creates a visual oxygenation, detoxification and plumping of the skin. Your skin will use its own lymphatic system to kickstart it to optimal health for LONG TERM results.

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Level 1 $179

Basic enzyme therapy with or without exfoliation. Without exfoliation is a perfect treatment for clients on Roaccutane as it rebuilds the skin’s factory. Complete with a transdermal infusion, this is a fantastic first off enzyme experience that will leave you begging for more.

Level 2 $199

Enzyme therapy masque with exfoliation and option of double enzyme masque for prepared skins. Finishing with a transdermal infusion for hydration and brightening.

Level 3 - Including Alkaline - $249

Double enzyme masque with double exfoliation and/ or peel. We up the anti with this treatment and its evident in the results! Complete with our signature transdermal infusion this level is designed for maximum skin revision.

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