Age Management

Firm, tighten and wind back the clock with these treatments

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We'll restore your skin's youth

Target certain areas or re-energize the whole face, we’ll have a solution for you to look as young as you feel. Our treatments include facials, chemical face peels or our popular DMK enzyme therapy treatments

Pro Alpha 6 Layer Peel

This my friend, is a full workout for your skin. With results that blow our tiny little minds! Using a combination of AHA and BHA ingredients, to create a true PEEL of the skin. With this proper peeling, we can achieve a 60% improvement in the current condition of the skin concern. Such a fab way to kick start your long term results. This does require preparation of the skin prior to your first peeling session. There can be a few days of downtime with this peeling process, but my gosh is it worth it. fab for lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone.

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DMK Enzyme Therapy

Treat the core of your skin concerns by working on the integrity of the skin’s function. This allows us to see long term results.

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Remodelling Procedure – Advanced Age Management Program

This is a true Remodeling procedure for the skin. A literal reconstruction of the skin back to optimal health. We use a combination of AHA, BHA and Vitamin A to LITERALLY peel back   layers of sun damage, aging, pigmentation and dull skin. This treatment does have some down time ( approx 10 days) This is a full reconstruction of the skin and you can achieve about 80% improvement in the condition of the skin within this 10 day process. The best Anti ageing treatment at SKN.

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RF Skin Tightening $249

Its almost like a non surgical face lift! You have our attention!

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Age Management Starter Program

Because everyone’s prevention starts at different stages of their life, we have many modalities available to keep that skin bouncy and looking young.

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