Enzyme Therapy

The treatment stimulates a process called 'reverse osmosis' to remove dead protein, toxins and not only act on the surface of the skin but work with the skin to restore it to optimal health.

A healthy environment for your skin

The enzymes act to strengthen the structual integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for the cells to live and thrive in.

See Long Term Results

Unlike the all popular ‘oxygen facials’, which cannot create true oxygenation of the skin as your skin cells don’t breathe, this treatment creates a visual oxygenation, detoxification and plumping of the skin. Your skin will use its own lymphatic system to kickstart it to optimal health for LONG TERM results.

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Level 1 $169

Basic enzyme therapy with or without exfoliation. Without exfoliation is a perfect treatment for clients on Roaccutane as it rebuilds the skin’s factory. Complete with a transdermal infusion, this is a fantastic first off enzyme experience that will leave you begging for more.

Level 2 $189

Enzyme therapy masque with exfoliation and option of double enzyme masque for prepared skins. Finishing with a transdermal infusion for hydration and brightening.

Level 3 $239

Double enzyme masque with double exfoliation and/ or peel. We up the anti with this treatment and its evident in the results! Complete with our signature transdermal infusion this level is designed for maximum skin revision.