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SKN Consultation and treatment

Unsure what you need and what to book!? That’s OK, that’s what we are here for! We ARE skin specialists remember! A consultation and skin diagnostic is a great place for us to start. This allows us to find out some important information about your skin and medical history, as well as gut health and anything else we need to know that can effect your skin condition. A consultation allows us to find the best treatment for you and tailor a treatment plan moving forward. Consultation is such an important part of any skin journey, as it ensures we meet your expectations, and find out exactly what you need and want. From $50 for consultation only. Treatment price will be discussed with your therapist, when you have decided together, the best form of treatment for you.


Hydra Dermabrasion

A great treatment to start your quest to delicious skin! We use new technology that combines traditional Microdermabrasion with an advanced twist.

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LED Light Therapy

SKN by Jane Marshall think of this as our secret weapon. LED is a light therapy treatment that safely uses powerful LED lights to correct skin imperfections.

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Tailored Peel and Infusion Treatment

This tailored treatment is just that. Tailored and specialised to help rectify your skin concerns. This 45-minute treatment is a DMK Transdermal Nutrition Treatment.

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