Hydra Dermabrasion

Our exciting new technology will treat your face to new experiences

Begin your quest for delicious skin!

We combine the efficiency of traditional Microdermabrasion with an advance twist that includes a superior exfoliation with an infusion and penetration of product.

Hydra Dermabrasion Method

We first buff away those thick and dull dead skin cells using a diamond exfoliation disk. This is chosen especially for you, of course! We then simutaniously cool and infuse your skin with advance hydrating solutions matched to your needs.

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Deluxe Treatment

This treatment is more gentle than conventional microdermabrasion with far superior results. For an absolute show stopper, try the advanced Hydra Dermabrasion….. you will ACTUALLY fall in love with this. Ask your SKN therapist for more information on dermabrasion in Carlton.

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