Tailored Peel and Infusion Treatment

Tailored Peel and Infusion Treatment

This tailored treatment is just that. Tailored and specialised to help rectify your skin concerns. This 45-minute treatment is a DMK Transdermal Nutrition Treatment.

At SKN, we take into account the individual condition and tailor a program to revise and preclude the recurrence of acne, congestion, dehydration or blackheads. This treatment includes deep cleansing and extractions if needed. A customised peel or vitamin infusion, a hydrating or purifying mask accompanied with a delicious neck and shoulder massage. What more could you ask for! Results and relaxation wrapped into one beautifully tailored experience.

A great treatment to start your SKN journey. Stepping it up into our Advanced Tailored peel, we use AHA, BHA’s, Quick Peel or Prozyme to really target a specific concern. This is a great treatment in between your DMK Enzymes, or Laser treatments if you are a little time poor. It’s also a great treatment to alternate with your Advanced Skin Treatment options.

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