Pigmentation Revision

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Being a laser skin clinic our services also include treatments such as IPL laser which helps with pigmentation removal. Pigmentation is a pesky, stubborn thing. Sometimes causing us to look older than we are. Freckles, sun spots, uneven skin tone, brown patches and areas of discolouration may be bothering you. Let’s do something about that. We have so many tools in our kit to help. From cosmedical grade peels, IPL, skin remodelling, skin needling and our famous DMK enzyme therapy, we are sure to be able to get you that even complexion you desire in no time.

DMK Enzyme Therapy

DMK is the only company in the world to utilize the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes. Enzymes are living substances in our bodies that help regulate health. We offer DMK Enzyme Therapy at prices so competitive you will them like almost as much as you love the results!

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IPL is for clients seeking serious results for their skin. Whether we are treating flushing of the skin, rosacea, open pores, sun damage or acne management, IPL treatments will achieve fantastic results.

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Pigmentation Revision Starter

Pigmentation, sun spots, melasma, freckling or uneven skin tone. Whatever the concern or colour, we will find a solution to suit your needs.

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Pigmentation Advanced Revision

This is a true Remodeling procedure for the skin. A literal reconstruction of the skin back to optimal health.

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To our valued SKN Fam

We finally have a re opening date! Wednesday the 4th November we will be re opening our doors.
Due to the Government Guidelines and Restrictions, this will be for restricted treatments only, and treatments where both therapist and client can wear a mask at all times. We know this is frustrating, and limits our services greatly, but we are so excited to see you and re connect.
Our restricted opening hours ( for now, until we get the go ahead to perform facial treatments again)
Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 1pm
What a tough year 2020 has been! Thank you for all of your support.

Jane, Marshall, Kayla and Tiarnie