SKN Finishing Touches

Define your face and body with these final touches

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To look on point everyday or for a special occasion

We’ll help your skin reach its peak glow before an event, party or just everyday life. Whether you’re chasing one of the classiest Whether you’re chasing one of the classiest eyebrow feathering or eyebrow tinting experiences in Carlton, or eyebrow feathering experiences in Melbourne, or looking for that superbly natural spray tan that oozes easy charm and surrounds you with that healthy glow, SKN by Jane Marshall is the place to go.

Spray Tan $50

At SKN by Jane Marshall, we believe tanning is not just a beauty essential, but a lifestyle. We use Australia’s most known brand, Spray Aus. We tailor your tan, your developing time and depth of colour to suit your event needs; and you’ll leave us with quite possibly the prettiest spray tan in Melbourne. Whether it be a wedding, party, weekend away or simply because Thursday tan night is your religion. We have your back, promise, we have it bronzed and beautiful.

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Design My Brow $30

They really do make all the difference. And remember, they are sister’s, not twins. So let’s make them the best damn sister a girl could ever have. Let our SKN specialists consult and especially design and shape your brow to complement that glowing SKN.

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Colour My Brow $15

Do you fill your sisters in every morning? Grab a coffee instead and save yourself some time. Let us do the work with the power of tint.

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Full Brow Workout $40

You know that feeling when your brows are on fleek? On point? Perrrrfection? That’s how you will feel after your Full Brow Workout. Let us wax, shape and tint those girls until they are the best accessory you could ever have.

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Intimate Waxing from $40

We always recommend our SHR treatments as they are so quick, pain free and permanent. BUT when it’s been left to the last minute and you need to put that bikini on. SKN by Jane Marshall have you covered with our intimate waxing services. Bikini, G-String and Brazilian available.

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Eyebrow Feathering/Microblading $595

Save time and sleep with perfect brows 24/7 you’ll won’t have to touch a brow pencil or spend over an hour trying to perfect that arch again. With our eyebrow feathering/microblading you can have the brows of your dreams! Learn More

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