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Spray Tanning

We use only the best, from your face to your body. That’s why when you receive a spray tan from us, you receive the best spray tan in Carlton. No, the best spray tan in Melbourne! Spray Aus tan is best spray tanning solution in Melbourne, and we love supporting Australian businesses by giving you the best Aussie tans available! Organic, lightweight, fragrance free, LONG lasting and beautiful! We can tailor the depth of your colour or the specific event.

When you get your Spray Aus tan with us, there is no awkward, leaving the salon, dressed slightly inappropriately back onto a busy street or shopping centre. We think of these things… because we are the best place for a spray tan in Melbourne. We are located down a unique alleyway, that allows for a discreet departure and ensuring you receive the best spray tanning in Carlton north, or even the best spray tan in our surrounding suburbs – such as North Melbourne or Fitzroy North.


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FAQ about Spray Aus Tanning at SKN

Before you tan:

Do I need to shower before I tan?
It is best if you can, as there shouldn’t be any moisturiser, deodorant  or perfume on the skin. If you are coming from work and can’t shower, we always provide fresh towelettes, to remove any deodorant, make-up or moisturisers before we apply your beautiful organic tan!.

Can I shave after my spray tan?
It is best to have all of your shaving, waxing or laser hair removal done BEFORE your tan. You cannot have your laser hair removal treatments with tan on the skin, though getting a spray tan after laser hair removal is fine! Also, shaving or waxing will remove the tan at a much quicker rate, which is why we don’t recommend doing this after your spray tan is applied.

Do I exfoliate before a spray tan?
Absolutely. The more prepped, and hydrated your skin is before coming for your tan, the nicer the application will be and the longer the tan will last. In saying that, there should be no moisturiser on the skin at all directly before the tan is applied. This can alter the way the tan develops on the skin

How long does the spray tan take to apply?
Approximately 10 minutes. So quick to have that beautiful bronzed glow!

After your tan:

How long after my tan can I shower?
Your therapist will go through this with you at the time of your tan, as the development time can depend on how dark, light or medium you wish to be. Spray Aus allows develop[ing times from 2-6 hours for optimal bronzing results.

How long does a spray tan last?
Your tan should last approximately 7 days. Every skin is different though. We always recommend prepping your skin properly and thoroughly before you tan. This ensures for a better application and a longer lasting tan. We also encourage you to moisturise the tan daily to ensure it lasts as long as possible and also fades on the skin nicely and naturally. Your tan usually looks at its absolute best between days 2-5, so if the tan is for an important event, we would recommend having it 2 days prior.

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