Tattoo removal

Did you get a tattoo, but now think it was a boo boo?

We are here to help with that oopsy!

Our tattoo removalists are here to save your skin with a highly focused laser – quite possibly the most sought-after, reliable and pain-free tattoo removal in Melbourne.

Removal Method

Our laser rapidly delivers a beam of light. The laser is attracted to darker colours found in tattoo ink. The laser strikes the ink of the tattoo and shatters it into fine particles. When the particles become small enough, they are no longer visible to the eye and are absorbed and removed by the body’s lymphatic system.

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Removal Treatment

Removal treatments at SKN by Jane Marshall are quick and will only on occasion be slightly uncomfortable. The older the tattoo, the more treatments required to remove. But either way, ultimately you will be amazed at the results -we offer one of the most effective and pain-free options for your tattoo removal in Melbourne!

Optimal Results

Please know that we are committed to delivering you optimal results, however not all tattoos can be completely removed. Ask your SKN by Jane Marshall therapist for more information

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