Super Hair Reduction

Become hairless with our Super hair reduction treatment.

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Pain free and fast technology

SHR is the latest technology in permanent hair reduction. It’s the most advanced system on the market and can deliver incredible permanent hair removal results in half the time as standard IPL hair removal. Please get in contact with us for a full price list of the ultimate laser removal in Melbourne.

Treatment Method

By gradually heating the hair follicle, our SHR treatments disrupts the hair follicle growth, so you can look forward to a permanent reduction in unwanted hair. Treatments are fast, pain free and a permanent reduction. We recommend course of 8-12 treatments.

Leave it to us!

While SHR IPL treatment works best on darker shades of hair. Our E-Light IPL, allows us to perform very effective treatments on shades of blonde or red hair. Your therapist will use their wealth of knowledge to provide a full assessment in your consultation. And you will receive a fully personalised, bespoke IPL treatment perfectly suited to your individual body and skin.

Say hello to silky skin

Once completed, maintenance treatments are required on occasion. You can kiss your silky smooth skin and kiss goodbye to monthly waxing, shaving and plucking! Call now to book an appointment.

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